Ashok Kumar

Budget fantasies and the Indian middle class

On the individual front,  the rich view the Budget as an annual pin-prick and the poor have very little to lose, in any case.

24 Jan 2022

New Year 2022: Resolve to keep it simple

The last few days of the old calendar year inevitably lead up to rather noble New Year Resolutions. 

10 Jan 2022

Hybrid Equity Funds help in a bear market

Last fortnight we had focused on the performances of an assortment of equity funds across categories.

27 Dec 2021

Year-end fund round up

Those investors that held their nerve and resisted the temptation to sell-off their equity fund holdings during the year have been handsomely rewarded across categories.

13 Dec 2021

ELSS and the tax-saving season ahead

It is that time of the calendar year when many taxpayers wake up to the need of completing their Tax-saving investments.

29 Nov 2021

Review your health insurance cover

That a majority of the even otherwise few Indians who have Health Insurance Cover decide its quantum based on Tax Break Limits, is no secret.

15 Nov 2021

Consumption and the India growth story

Once the Narasimha Rao-led Indian Government initiated sweeping economic reforms in the last decade of the previous century, the Indian economic juggernaut has rolled on.

01 Nov 2021

Scanning asset classes to find solution

With the Equity Markets rising as though pumped by steroids, there seems to be a feeling of uneasy giddiness among many market participants, of the kind one feels while riding a roller-coaster.

18 Oct 2021

Milestones and Strategies in a Booming Market

How much numbers and milestones matter at the stock market becomes self-evident whenever the BSE Sensex touches a new milestone number.

04 Oct 2021

The reason why ULIPs are getting more popular

In my last column, we commenced a discussion on how the Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) was seen to be the preference of several investors in a recent Survey by a life insurance company.

20 Sep 2021

The case of rising Unit Linked Insurance Plans demand

The survey also indicated that ULIPs were popular even amongst the middle-income group, who listed its partial withdrawal facility as the main point of attraction.

06 Sep 2021

The Magic of SIP Top-Ups

After I congratulated her for being an early starter which is ideal, she raised her query about SIP Top-Ups and the advantages she might derive by using this approach.

23 Aug 2021

Expert talks: Zomato and the Buzz around it's IPO after debut at stock market

This intrigued me and I confess to having looked up, not so much the Zomato stock and its valuation, but the Food Delivery Business it is engaged in.

09 Aug 2021

Silver Year Solutions

A Reverse Mortgage involves the bank or financial institution paying the house owner (usually a retiree) a fixed monthly amount during their lifetime.

26 Jul 2021

Silver Years and the Chinese Curse

Post 60 years of age is an extremely tricky time that every investor who meets and exceeds the Indian life expectancy will have to tackle.

12 Jul 2021