Bandhavi Annam

Guntur's silent library: New books worth Rs 1.3 crore give libraries fresh lease of life 

In the erstwhile Guntur district, however, a silent library movement has been on for the past few months.

04 Jul 2022

Chilli prices skyrocket after market reopens

It is estimated that about 50 lakh bags of mirchi is presently stored in cold storages, which will maintain the pace of the business for the next few months.

29 Jun 2022

Nadikudi residents say effluents making them sick

They demanded that the State government and the local administration take necessary action and shut down the  factories. 

23 Jun 2022

Pollution, plastic waste poses grave threat to mangroves

The main reasons  for the damage of mangrove forests are poaching, deforestation and encroachment of forest land for fish and shrimp ponds.

19 Jun 2022

Andhra Pradesh's newly-formed Palnadu district turning its trash into 'gold'

According to official data, the decomposed product contain 1.3-2 per cent nitrogen, 0.5-1.5 per cent of phosphorus, 0.4-0.8 per cent potash, calcium, magnesium and various other nutrients.

18 Jun 2022

Three drowning cases at Andhra Pradesh's Suryalanka beach in 14 days raise concern

In the last 14 days, as many as 23 persons faced a similar situation in eight incidents, in which three died.

16 Jun 2022

Young generation of Andhra presents model worth emulating

His friends liked the idea, and together they started Young Generation in September 2019.

12 Jun 2022

No Tobacco Day 2022: How the snuff is killing us and our planet

Tobacco use is a major risk factor for four main non-communicable diseases including cardiovascular disease, cancer, chronic lung disease and diabetes.

01 Jun 2022

Rise in child marriages in Andhra Pradesh's erstwhile Guntur district

However, after receiving information, the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) officials rushed to the marriage venue and stopped the child marriage.

31 May 2022

State-level handball academy to come up at Tenali

The SAAP officials are taking required action to develop the playground and provide the best accommodation to the players.

30 May 2022

Welfare steps during Covid hailed 

CM Jagan brought revolutionary changes for uplift of downtrodden, says Dharmana  

29 May 2022

After lorry driver’s greed kills woman, her kids stare at bleak future

Placing food on her children’s table was a daily struggle for her. She is survived by three sons and a differently-abled daughter.

22 May 2022

After being taken hostage, doctor to say goodbye to Ukraine & his pets

The Ukraine-based orthopaedic from Andhra Pradesh, who became popular for raising a jaguar and a black panther as pets, has finally decided to leave the war-torn country.

18 May 2022

Athletes, parents cry foul over SAAP's decision to hike fee

On the other hand, district sports authority chief coach Muralidhar denied that the hiked price for training was unreasonable.  

17 May 2022

Against odds, farmers bag good profits

Madhu Babu, a trader, said due to pest infestations, about 90 per cent of the crop was damaged and everyone expected that this mirchi season might be a dull one.

16 May 2022