Maithreyi Soorej

Cool Paint for a Cool Planet: Ultra-white paint developed by Purdue University research team to combat global warming

A new avatar is all set to go commercial with thinner consistency that can be sprayed on vehicles, refrigerators and even spacecraft.

26 Nov 2022

Its a slug life: the secret skincare routine to never age

Slugging is said to lock in the moisture and, in turn, rejuvenate and revive its youthful lustre.

19 Nov 2022

Write assistant at work; Gurugram-based IIT alumni introduces new AI platform

The article was, however, not thought of by the robot. The Guardian fed the introduction to GPT-3 along with a few prompts.

19 Nov 2022

Child’s Play

Comicgen is a tool targeted at those creative spirits who have a knack for storytelling, but not the professional skillset.

10 Nov 2022

Cracking the Booker Prize Code

Naomi Adam, a British post-graduate researcher in English Literature, cracked a statistical model to pick gets the cigar --- this involves both the average Booker bagger’s and the book’s profile.

21 Oct 2022

Old to gold in one go: The best photo restoration tool of 2022

A free AI photo restoration tool recreates crystal-clear images from tattered physical ones.

18 Sep 2022

The fifty-year-old soup from Wattana Panich in Bangkok has no specific recipe

The broth at Bangkok’s Wattana Panich restaurant has been simmering on the stove for over half a century. And it has no specific recipe.

17 Sep 2022

City as moving stone in freeze frame

The world’s largest artwork opened to the public last week, after half a century of work by earthworks exponent Michael Heizer

10 Sep 2022

How spoonies do it: A theory that estimates and correlates with your energy levels

Now Spoonie communities have sprung up on social media across platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to communicate, counsel and share experiences.

13 Aug 2022

E-cigarette; vape or smoke, call it quits

There are now 82 million vapers worldwide. The consequences of long-term vaping are yet to be investigated.

06 Aug 2022

Work from home: A digital presenteeism killing productivity and creating unhappiness, stress

The pressure to stand up and be counted while working remotely is affecting productivity and employee well-being.

06 Aug 2022

The O in ‘Oh, I did it!': The quest for knowledge and answers   

The O quotient challenges established notions of intelligence by studying how perceptual skills score over mere training.

30 Jul 2022

Deconstructing the Pegan

The theory here is that opposites attract.

21 Jul 2022

Of rehab hotels, sleep patches. and medical spas

After Covid struck, rooms are being reserved even six months in advance in many medi-spas.

16 Jul 2022

Dear departed: Viral visualisation of loss and confinement in time of global pandemic 

Firstenberg’s flags formed a Covid obituary by the artist who related numbers to victims.

16 Jul 2022