Ramu Patil

In search of a safe seat in 2023 Karnataka Assembly poll

There is a big rush from aspirants for party tickets. So much so that it can cause some heartburn among those who fail to make it, if not result in dissidence.

28 Nov 2022

Getting poll battle-ready, parties face several challenges

It, however, faces a bigger challenge of gaining control over the narrative, and the Old Mysuru region continues to be its Achilles heel.

14 Nov 2022

Karnataka: Redouble efforts to decongest city; develop other areas

The Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) cluster in Dharwad and the Toys Cluster at Koppal are expected to boost economic prospects in and around those districts.

31 Oct 2022

Kharge’s elevation a big boost for Congress in Karnataka

2023 polls in state a major test for veteran leader Known for his administrative acumen, loyalty to GOP Enjoys good rapport with netas of all parties

20 Oct 2022

A tightrope walk for Congress revival

For now, Rahul’s show is kicking up a lot of dust and raising political decibel levels as it traverses through Old Mysore to the Kalyana-Karnataka region.

03 Oct 2022

‘It’s time to think beyond politics’

Well-known theatre director and Gandhian Prasanna says it’s time to think beyond politics and look at the social-cultural sector.

02 Oct 2022

Changing tack: BJP on the offensive; Congress goes local

A perceptible change in the BJP’s strategy seems to have been prompted by the apprehension that the government’s counter was weak and anti-incumbency could slowly gain ground.

19 Sep 2022

Bengaluru rains: The deluge that exposed Karnataka capital's governance deficit

The failure to address pressing infrastructure issues may to some extent damage Bengaluru's brand image.

05 Sep 2022

‘We have not stopped anybody from contesting AICC elections’: BK Hariprasad

State Congress leaders are busy with preparations for Rahul Gandhi’s “Bharat Jodo” yatra and they expect it to be a game changer for the party.

04 Sep 2022

BS Yediyurappa back in action; will it be game-changer for Karnataka BJP?

Looking from that background, Yediyurappa’s elevation to the BJP’s highest decision-making body, the Parliamentary Board, is a smart move by the BJP central leadership.

22 Aug 2022

Big Change: BJP on course correction, Congress gung-ho in Karnataka

Strikingly different developments in the last fortnight have altered the political discourse in Karnataka, with a potential bearing on the 2023 state assembly elections.

08 Aug 2022

Growth push shadowed by controversies

As the Bommai government celebrates its first anniversary its efforts to push development as an agenda, taking administration to people's doorsteps, have been to some extent shadowed by controversy.

25 Jul 2022

Is it going to be Cong vs Cong?

Leaders seem to be pulling in different directions instead of marching unitedly, especially at the home stretch of the battle.

11 Jul 2022

Will win Karnataka polls, don’t want to waste this opportunity: DKS

A good show in the last few polls, including the Legislative Council polls from the Teachers and Graduates constituencies, has helped boost the morale of Congress leaders.

03 Jul 2022

Modi’s development push: a cue for Karnataka state government

The timing of the PM’s development push is crucial. It comes at a time when issues like Hijab, Halal, restrictions on the use of loudspeakers, school textbooks revision row among others.

27 Jun 2022