Ravi Shankar

Did we come from apes and fish? Or AI?

Religion and science have been battling it out for centuries over the authorship of man. Hindus believe that Brahma created man and woman by divvying himself into two.

20 hours ago

Will prison walls a leader make

Justice is blind. The law is cockeyed. The caged hawks have been let out, to go for the Gandhi jugular.

18 Jun 2022

End Bollywood control of geography of greatness

In Canadian actor Akshay Kumar’s crossword version of Indian history, ‘Mughal’ is a four-letter word.

11 Jun 2022

Netaji in Nagaland: The untold story

A 103-year-old freedom fighter recalls his life with Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose who came to stay in his mountain village during the INA advance into India By Ravi Shankar

05 Jun 2022

Why elections don’t always mean democracy

He is Chinese dictator Xi Jinping’s puppet panjandrum who oversaw the savage suppression of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protests. The farce of democracy couldn’t be more complete.

04 Jun 2022

The tyranny of little guys

Indian public life has become ludicrously litigious with a police complainant hiding behind every door, ready to leap out with a punitive yell to torment cocky columnists and social media mavericks.

21 May 2022

Leave Lord Hanuman Out of Power Games

Trust politicians to warp the most sacred of symbols to feed their power hunger.

14 May 2022

Stop medical hypocrisy, not Hippocrates

Hindu, Hindutva and Bharat are the soapboxes of the day, which every obscure wannabe nationalist uses as a podium.

07 May 2022

Out of the Blue

Elon Musk buys Twitter, the world’s most powerful social media weapon which has 23 million Indian users. What does this mean for free speech, trolls and government control?

30 Apr 2022

India Needs Charm Offensive to Avoid a MEA Culpa

The subcontinent is a seismic zone where pressures and shifts from the US, China and Russia make the tectonic plates of geo-power groan in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka.

23 Apr 2022

Pakistan beyond Imran

The crisis can help Pakistan take a hard look at its exploitative elite or allow the country to slide into irrevocable darkness

11 Apr 2022

South Goes North with a New Endgame

Dravidian power officially planted its flag in the heart of North Indian power last week.

09 Apr 2022

Humour is freedom’s subversive statement

Was it fine for Will Smith to get pissed off at funnyman Chris Rock for joshing his wife Jada who has a hair fall problem?

02 Apr 2022

Selective indignation is racist hypocrisy

All lives are equal but some are more equal than the others. Caucasian lives command a larger premium in the outrage market than others.

28 Mar 2022

Go! Tumultuous times for the Gandhis to walk away from the Congress leadership bridge

It is time for the Congress to look within and beyond the Gandhis. But the family seems in no hurry to vacate the premises.

20 Mar 2022