Ravi Shankar

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Why democracy loves authoritarianism

Democracy is small beer where dictators are concerned. Adolf Hitler’s Beer Hall Putsch was meant to overthrow the Weimar Republic.

16 Jan 2021

The secularist idea of Hinduism challenged

The mystic chords of India’s collective memory even now reverberate to the twisted melody of pogroms and conversions, driving a deep chasm between countrymen.

03 Jan 2021

The march of prototype India

Unity is a double-headed doubloon.

26 Dec 2020

The Christian calendar of doubt

Catholic Church promotes its representatives as the epitomes of ethical conduct. Yet, like all other institutions, there are black sheep on the pulpit.

18 Dec 2020

A Harvest of Future Leaders

Akhilesh Yadav went on dharna in their support and was booked by the UP Police, which snatched a brief respite from arresting consenting Hindu-Muslim couples.

12 Dec 2020

The fossils of myopic minds

We forget the wonder of creation. We examine the past to conjure up nonsensical mythology and degradable dogma to suit our version of the present.

27 Nov 2020

There is no vaccine for the Congress

The coronavirus is the motherlode of metaphors.  It represents man’s war against Nature, the eventual outcome summarising his capacity to resist degradation.

21 Nov 2020

Dragon’s dilemma: Why China can’t win a war with India

The PLA will need to construct a new road—a challenge considering the snow may render the region inoperable soon—which will be vulnerable to attack from the Indian Army.

25 Oct 2020

Ella Maillart: Discovering the unknown by herself

Ella Maillart was the pioneer solo woman explorer who found her spiritual side in India.

25 Oct 2020

The trick of serendipity

I  know a gentleman who was quite happy with the lockdown. He was on a trek from Shimla for reasons known only to trekkers who go on long nature walks.

25 Oct 2020

NCB, Rhea Chakraborty and India: Get the kids outta there

The NCB is high. On publicity. Operation Bollywood has leveraged the marijuana habit of a dead actor into a vast conspiracy by a drug cartel that supplies tinsel town stars with weed.

25 Oct 2020

From authority to authoritarian

Strength begets strength. Strength attracts, strength reassures and strength revives. Narendra Modi won a massive mandate twice because of his strength as a leader unstained by corruption.

25 Oct 2020

It is time to influence the influencers

The internet is apoplectic over Tanishq withdrawing a commercial on interfaith marriage after fringe fanatics threatened to bust up showrooms and intimidate employees.

25 Oct 2020

Journalism is dead. Long live journalism

Today’s scourge of information is masala news teeming with spittle spray anchors, neurotic newsmen, rabid ragefests and body spasms that will put The Exorcist to shame.

25 Oct 2020