Amit S Upadhye

Hubballi-Dharwad pothole memes a hit on social media

Climax scenes from Sholay, Titanic have been turned into memes

14 Oct 2019

‘Problem tigers must be killed immediately’

K Ullas Karanth, tiger biologist from the Centre for Wildlife Studies, strongly advocates the killing of ‘problematic’ tigers.

11 Oct 2019

Canopy walk to be reopened in Western Ghats for tourists next month

The canopy walk which is considered as one of the prestigious eco-tourism projects of Karnataka Forest Department ran into controversies after greens opposed to the operation of the same.

09 Oct 2019

Tigers running riots in Karnataka forest, claims second life in month

 Karnataka Forest Department has ordered shoot or capture orders of a tiger that allegedly killed an 80-year-old farmer outside Bandipur Tiger Reserve on Tuesday.

09 Oct 2019

Tiger kills 80-year-old man in Bandipur, second death since September

Besides a human kill reported in September, the area has also witnessed three cattle kill incidents in the last three weeks.

08 Oct 2019

Six Hampi monuments adopted by private firms 

These companies had placed bids a few months ago and the Ministry of Tourism has now given its nod for the upkeep for the monuments by private firms. 

04 Oct 2019

Was the dead elephant actually a tusker? 

Tusks recovered from poachers traced to a dead jumbo that officials had reported was a cow elephant

01 Oct 2019

Change with Sarvodaya

The Khanapur taluk rural society unites under Dr Dabade and his jagruti

29 Sep 2019

Hubbali: After works damage road, it’s slushy affair for vehicles

 For the last two months, there have been several accidents and cases of vehicles likes buses and trucks getting into slush on the roadside near Dandeli.

21 Sep 2019

Potholes, slush tracks halt safari in Dandeli

While heavy rainfall is the main reason, the lack of coordination between the forest department and the Eco Development Committee (EDC), which runs the safari, is also responsible, say locals.

11 Sep 2019

Great Indian Gaur killing in Sirsi opens up can of worms

The investigation into the poaching case of Great Indian Gaur reported on August 19 near Sirsi has opened up a can of worms with forest officials looking at more arrests.

09 Sep 2019

Bandipur rangers hunt for ‘Tiger killer’ vehicle

The tiger was found dead by the side of the Melukamanahalli-Maguvina Halli road which is hardly used by vehicles at night.

01 Sep 2019

Poacher gets gored by a dying gaur that he shot in Karnataka

The victim, Abdul Jabbar Khan, 62, along with his son Harris, 21, shot the guar and in turn, got attacked when they went near the dying animal to cut the throat. 

30 Aug 2019

Official apathy: Tribesman on deathbed, awaits final compensation from forest department

Corrections have been done in documents and compensation will be released soon: Official

27 Aug 2019

Villagers turn heroes, save 27-year-old tourist from drowning in Abbi waterfalls

While the other tourists managed to get out, Nikhil started skidding down further.

24 Aug 2019