Manju Latha Kalanidhi

When Hope Calls 

Later in the day, as she commutes to work, she talks to the doctors at Gandhi Hospital in Musheerabad about patient #21 who suffered a brain aneurysm last week.

18 May 2023

Classes for no glasses: Hyderabad-based woman helps people live spectacular life minus spectacles

Amrita S from Hyderabad imparts online eyecare sessions to get rid of prescription glasses in a few months

21 Apr 2023

A friend in need: Bengaluru-based mental health platform 'SoulUp'

A mental health platform, SoulUp, is leveraging the strength of peer networks to help young open up about their life problems without feeling judged

21 Mar 2023

In the eye of the calm: Eyebrow centre gazing to cure chronic fatigue syndrome

They all are alluding to Shambavi mahamudra’s spiritual yogic practice, also called the ‘eyebrow centre gazing’ method. 

11 Mar 2023

Hitting a high note: Telugu music composer PVR Raja to compose 100 songs in 15 Indian languages

Telugu composer PVR Raja has embarked on an ambitious 100-original-compositions project that will feature songs in 15 Indian languages

03 Mar 2023

Sisterhood of startups: From food stall to full-fledged eatery, Karnataka women take inspiring turn

Unnati Sakhis of Karnataka are not just setting up their own businesses, but also hand-holding other women with an enterprising spark

29 Jan 2023

The story keeper of weaving: A tribute to Telangana’s heritage handlooms

Hailing from Puttapaka, a weaving hamlet in Nalgonda in Telangana, Govardhana has been intertwined with the warps and wefts of this double ikat textile since he was a teenager.

14 Jan 2023

Eco-wedding: Wedded to a cause

Spurthi Kolipaka still remembers how all hell broke loose in early June this year when the e-invite to her wedding landed in the family WhatsApp groups.

03 Dec 2022

An edible Bonsai Brownie, anyone?

The Bonsai Brownie, incidentally, is a Chocolate chocochip gelato, Oreo cookie and brownie garnished with mint leaf that comes in a neat little earthen cup and a swig of mint plated like a sapling.

26 Oct 2019

Travel Trend of 2019: Do-It-Yourself solo searching

Technology, internet and a sense of individualism is  motivating more and more youngsters to throw package tours and draw up their trips and come back home after the long weekend, feeling fully rejuve

09 May 2019

K Vishwanath: Consistently classic, since 1980

Almost every year since 1980, film director Vishwanath has been delivering classics that not just went on to become blockbusters but earned critical acclaim too.

25 Apr 2017