Manju Latha Kalanidhi

Through the Smart Looking Glass

Record a one-minute video every time you practice and MirrorAI helps one with data-driven metrics. The tool cares about how you’re communicating and not what the message is.

21 May 2022

The Alchemy of Energy 

Energy exchange looks like poetry in motion.

21 May 2022

Yadadri and the Temple of Boom

The newly refurbished shrine in Telangana is a mix of traditional Kakatiya architecture, blending with modern nanotechnology and smart city planning, manicured gardens and more.

14 May 2022

To Try or Knot

The Shibari rope bondage technique is catching everyone’s attention for its potential to heal practitioners emotionally and give them an instant feel-good rush.

14 May 2022

Southywood Slam!

South Indian blockbusters are shaking up the Indian film industry, rattling Bollywood and creating new cult stars

14 May 2022

Mother of all fitness

When Sucheta Pal wanted to know how to move her post-baby body in the right, safe and confident way, she did not find many answers.

07 May 2022

Driving in your head

Customised car shopping software and AR/VR headsets are driving car sales this year

01 May 2022

Pilgrimage Promise

Mangal Chand Pandya believes that a family that travels together stays together.

30 Apr 2022

Southern Spunk

‘Think less, talk more’ is Los Angeles-based Indian digital creator Niharika NM’s mantra to make viral videos.

23 Apr 2022

Flower-Puff Girls: Entrepreneurs behind 'Hoovu Fresh'

It was an emotional rant by her mother during the Sravanamasa of 2018, the auspicious puja season in Karnataka that made Yeshoda Karuturi sit up and take notice of the problem. 

22 Apr 2022

Strutting his stuff: Tollywood choreographer about making India groove to RRR's steps

Tollywood choreographer Prem Rakshith on what goes into the making of a hit dance number that can make India groove.

16 Apr 2022

Shut up and sleep

Mouth taping is a new therapy that promises a good slumber

16 Apr 2022

Mission womanifesto

A Hyderabadi techie aims to create a safety net for women in India against online harassment and obscenity

16 Apr 2022

Matchmaker of Nutrition

CORA Health, a Bengaluru-based e-commerce platform, enables users to access healthy food alternatives based on their medical conditions

09 Apr 2022

Designed to Heal

New-age architects and interior designers are now focussing on adding design that promotes health and wellness.

09 Apr 2022