suparna trikha

Tips for your skin to spring to life

Your skincare routine cannot be the same throughout the year and should adapt to the season.

13 Mar 2023

Bid adieu to Holi skin woes

Read on to know how you can enjoy the festive day without compromising your skin health and also opting for natural choices for your body.

27 Feb 2023

Kitchen-inspired, seasonal skin and hair hacks

However, the slight skin stretch also indicates that this is the time when you must prepare your skin and hair to brace the coming months.

15 Feb 2023

Seasonal skincare cheat sheet

The best way to refresh yourself and smell great would be to layer your favourite perfume so that it lasts longer.

30 Jan 2023

Hit refresh on your beauty routine

In our column about a fortnight ago, I had mentioned that 2023 should be the year when you rethink and reshape both your lives and lifestyles.

16 Jan 2023

Pamper your skin this season: Check out beauty tips from expert

Even the oiliest of skins tends to feel a little stretched in winter, and it is important to keep them clean.

02 Jan 2023

Glow up on D-day

Weddings mean festivities, which in turn mean celebrations. A great Indian wedding is all about madness, celebration, and the chaos that goes with it.

19 Dec 2022

Let your heels heal

For the past two decades of my life, I have tried to make people understand that skin and hair care is not a bi-monthly ritual.

05 Dec 2022

Nourish to flourish

For those who would like to be sensible and care for their skin and hair without chemicals, here are a few of my recipes with natural ingredients that can make you glow naturally!

07 Nov 2022

Is your skin festive-ready?

To make this day even more special, take a look at the best 10-minute skin-care programme that will give you glowing skin brighten in a matter of minutes.

23 Oct 2022

Time for that quick fix

However, many of them destroy this over time due to effortlessness and negligence.

09 Oct 2022

Mane attraction

The drying effect of these chemicals-based products is immense and has to be dealt with carefully before it leads to hair loss.

25 Sep 2022

Usher in autumn with healthy skin

Autumn is a brief season in India, but as we start feeling a nip in the air, one also feels the skin tighten.

11 Sep 2022

Combat your skin’s enemies

A good way to reduce alcohol is to keep refilling your first drink with tonic water, juice, or just plain water.

28 Aug 2022

Time for men to take notes on hair problems and natural solutions to it

In fact, most of the time men do not do not worry about it much, which actually makes things worse.

14 Aug 2022