Taliban economy conference in Kabul stresses need for funds

The international community has been hesitant to officially recognize a Taliban government, wary they could impose some of the same harsh measures as under their previous rule, 20 years ago.

published on : 19th January 2022

UN: Afghanistan quake death toll reaches 26, including children

Three villages of around 800 houses flattened by the earthquakes; Villagers spend the night among the ruins of their homes.

published on : 18th January 2022

Concerned about exclusion of women in Afghanistan; Hazara, Hindu women especially vulnerable: UN experts

UN human rights experts said these concerns are exacerbated in the cases of women from "ethnic, religious or linguistic minorities such as the Hazara, Tajik, Hindu and other communities."

published on : 18th January 2022

Twin earthquakes in western Afghanistan kill at least 22

There were fears the death toll could rise further as the first rescuers reached some of the remote villages struck by the temblors in what is one of Afghanistan's most impoverished regions.

published on : 18th January 2022

Pakistan NSA to visit Kabul to discuss border fencing issue, humanitarian crisis with Taliban regime

Concerns over Afghanistan's humanitarian crisis have been discussed in the United Nations to avert a humanitarian crisis.

published on : 17th January 2022

Taliban burn musical instrument in front of musician in Afghanistan's Paktia province

The group has previously conveyed the implementation of their version of Sharia law and any breach under the law is not tolerated.

published on : 16th January 2022

Bacha Posh: Afghan tradition allows girls to access the freedom of boys

Dressed in sweaters and jeans or the traditional Afghan male clothing of baggy pants and long shirt, none stand out as they jostle to score a goal.

published on : 14th January 2022

79% Afghan journalists gave up profession to survive

The lives of Afghan journalists in the past one and a half months and found that they are living the worst life due to the fragile economic situation, Khaama Press reported.

published on : 11th January 2022

Women’s security jeopardised after Taliban took over Afghanistan: Farid Mamundzay

Farid Mamundzay said that as of now Afghanistan has not become a terror state, but in the absence of reasonable and responsible government, the country would eventually become a terror state.

published on : 10th January 2022

India supplies third batch of medical assistance to Afghanistan

India has committed to providing to Afghan people humanitarian assistance consisting of life-saving medicine and food grains.

published on : 7th January 2022

Afghanistan's Taliban regime not to allow any fencing along Durand Line by Pakistan

Successive regimes in Afghanistan, including the US-backed governments in the past, have disputed this demarcation, which has historically remained a contentious issue between the two neighbours.

published on : 6th January 2022

Afghanistan recorded highest number of child casualties since 2005: UNICEF

UNICEF said that while, the data for 2021 is not yet available, in 2020, 26,425 grave violations against children were verified by the UN.

published on : 2nd January 2022

Under Taliban regime, Former Afghan Women Soldiers fear their lives

More than 6,300 women served in the former Afghan  Forces and now these women are under the threat of the Taliban and are constantly scared about what may unfold.

published on : 1st January 2022

India supplies next batch of humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan: MEA

India has committed to providing to Afghan people humanitarian assistance consisting of food grains, one million doses of COVID-19 vaccine and essential life-saving drugs.

published on : 1st January 2022

Military: Four Pakistani soldiers, two militants killed in raids

The military said troops seized a cache of weapons during both raids.

published on : 31st December 2021
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