MIgrant workers

Migrant workers: Rs 25 crore scam hits labour dept

The number of migrant building and other construction workers has been found to be more than three-four times larger than official list drawn up by the city police chief.

published on : 13th May 2022

50% Pocso case victims in Tiruppur are children of migrant workers

Parents employed in the garment sector said they have no option but to leave their children at home, which makes them easy targets for sexual predators.

published on : 22nd April 2022

Five Bengal labourers die in Mangaluru factory

Five labourers from West Bengal suffocated to death at a fish processing unit in the Special Economic Zone (MSEZ) on the outskirts of Mangaluru city on Sunday.

published on : 19th April 2022

Registration of guest worker agents to be made mandatory in Kerala

Though the government launched the Kerala Migrant Workers Welfare Scheme in 2010, membership registration under it is very low.

published on : 12th April 2022

BeMC presents ‘Bastra Upahar’ to the needy, migrants

The showroom has been fashioned just like the ones in malls and markets.

published on : 10th April 2022

Pandemic ponderings

A feeling of futility permeates the poems from the very onset as Mohanty traces the despair attached to the well-documented pandemic exodus, contrasting it with the pre-pandemic calm.

published on : 3rd April 2022

Kochi gets first migrant welfare office

First-of-its-kind inter-state migrant welfare office in the country will come up in Kochi soon.

published on : 31st March 2022

Families lose sole breadwinners in Bhoiguda godown fire

The 11 deceased migrant labourers, who had moved from Bihar, were the sole breadwinners in their family.

published on : 24th March 2022

Alcoholism rising among migrant workers

Alcoholism and absenteeism are rising among migrant workers in the district, and textile units where they are employed in large numbers,  complain of production loss.

published on : 23rd March 2022

Kalamassery landslip: It’s a man-made tragedy, say workers

Claim work was being done on top of land filled with loose soil, allege engineer dismissed their accident-related fears

published on : 19th March 2022

Migrant workers steal Rs I lakh using lost phone of man, arrested

Two migrant workers were arrested on Thursday for allegedly stealing Rs 1 lakh from the bank account of an Ernakulam resident using the mobile phone that the latter lost earlier this week.

published on : 4th March 2022

Kizhakkambalam violence case: Chargesheet against 175

As many as 109 workers from Assam, Nagaland, Jharkhand and UP, who were arrested in the case registered by the Kunnathunadu police, are still behind the bars while 65 got bail.

published on : 24th February 2022

Guest workers in Kerala stranded due to lack of reservation in trains

Lack of sufficient unreserved train services put migrant workers under a financial burden. They find it difficult to shell out huge fares for flights and buses and fall prey to fraud agents

published on : 23rd February 2022

Migrant workers fund village school in Jharkhand

If they had access to education, fate would not have taken them away from home for a living. This bunch of people builds school  that teaches for free, writes Mukesh Ranjan

published on : 13th February 2022

Away from home, migrant workers of Odisha to miss out on polls

While some workers have been denied leave by their employers, others cannot return midway

published on : 11th February 2022
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