When art recovers cities

Floods and furious storms have wreaked havoc over the centuries, wiping out civilisations without a trace, but what has remained to tell their stories long after, is the art they left behind.

published on : 8th December 2023

Smart as paint in the Lodhi Art District

On the walls of the Lodhi Art District are murals in popping colors that reflect the quiet life, the street scenes, and afternoons under a wilting winter sun. Go visit before they are gone.

published on : 7th December 2023

Represented by art

Politicians may never fit into the identity of an artist because their primary identity that the world recognises them, will always be that of a leader.

published on : 29th November 2023

For Art’s sake: Digging up family trees

Art historian BN Goswamy, who founded new scholarship on Pahari painters and Indian miniature paintings, gave primacy to an artist’s family and identified it as the site of emerging styles  

published on : 24th November 2023

Epic Proportions, Miniature Scale

In the depiction, behind the royal elephant, two more elephants carry significant items—the first bears the royal insignia of Mahi and Maratib, while the second carries a large kettle drum.

published on : 23rd November 2023

Haripura Panels: Pieces of history that provide a crucial picture of rural India

The Haripura Panels, a series of 400 posters, painted by one of the pioneers of Modern Indian art, Nandalal Bose, is on display in Bengaluru for the first time.

published on : 11th November 2023

Divine tales of love in an artistic fusion

Tejasmi Honey’s Tanjore Painting Fusion Art exhibition paid homage to the centuries-old art form while simultaneously embracing the modern nuances of combining diverse regional painting techniques.

published on : 6th November 2023

Keepers of Queer histories

In India, there are periodic debates over gender consciousness. However, the stereotyped deriving of queer as a Western concept eclipses the extensive history of Indian queer art.

published on : 4th November 2023

'The Indian Cat' book review: Cool cats

Renowned art historian BN Goswamy’s latest book is a compendium of cat stories and paintings that trace how the animal has figured in the history of art, literature and culture of India

published on : 30th October 2023

5,000-sqft ‘galaxy’ on wall turns heads in Thiruvananthapuram

The 25-ft tall canvas depicts the space and the solar system. “Painting public murals are nothing like working on a canvas.

published on : 23rd October 2023

Circling memories

India’s two top women painters Madhvi Parekh and Shobha Broota celebrate their differences by paying homage to the influences that shaped their work.

published on : 15th October 2023

Colours diffusing into joy

Senior artist Anjani Reddy's art exhibition, 'Joyous Circuit of Life', brings together a collection of paintings and wearable art, showcasing Indian festivities, colours in Indian culture and more.

published on : 10th October 2023

Kerala: Attappadi tribal students create record with painting on canvas

The 186 students took two hours and 15 minutes to complete the 720-feet-long work.

published on : 10th October 2023

The Mahatma as muse

Artist Adarsh Baji's first solo art show, 'Give Peace Another Chance' at Hyderabad’s Kalakriti Art Gallery, pays tribute to Mahatma Gandhi on his 154th birth anniversary.

published on : 8th October 2023

Art speaks more than words

Connecting visual art with storytelling, Gallery 78 at Madhapur hosts a unique lineup of artworks curated by Aman Preet Kaur. CE takes a look.

published on : 5th October 2023

Divine festivity

Hyderabad streets came alive with vibrant Vinayaka Mandaps, celebrating the spirit of the revered Lord Vinayaka during Ganesh Chaturthi.

published on : 3rd October 2023

Portrait of an artist as a man

For the portrait, Ramesh, who graduated from MS University, Baroda, drew inspiration from the famed Mughal miniature painting, Dying Inayat Khan.

published on : 17th September 2023

A gallery of imagination and intuition

Clichés aside, art imitates life. The sixth edition of the Delhi Contemporary Art Week (DCAW) presented by six galleries, encapsulates the concerns of our times.

published on : 10th September 2023

Protest over paintings near Hanuman statue in Gujarat town

The Gujarat’s monks have already voiced their objections, and now the Vishwa Hindu Parishad has jumped into the fray.

published on : 1st September 2023

Exploring the brighter side

Jazeela Sherif is an engineer who holds an MBA, a PhD, and an MSc in financial engineering, and also a trained singer and a brilliant artist specialising in the watercolour medium.

published on : 31st August 2023
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