Stop release of untreated water: VPT to GVMC

Meanwhile, a GVMC official said they have installed meshes in drainage channels along the beach road so as to prevent flowing of floating material into the sea.

published on : 21st September 2020

17 new STPs to lead to a cleaner Hussainsagar

TSPCB submitted a compliance report to NGT on steps taken by State for treatment of sewage that flows into Musi river

published on : 18th September 2020

Jagathy-Kootanvila sewage scheme remains three decade-long work in progress

The inordinate delay in commissioning Jagathy-Kootanvila sewage scheme has left many residents of Maruthamkuzhy and nearby areas in the lurch.

published on : 8th September 2020

Hebbal STP may start operations by December

The Irrigation Department has already put in place pumphouses and the network required to transport the water to the three districts.

published on : 8th September 2020

Sewage discharge into open SWDs irks Porur residents

Various private tankers, which carry raw sewage collected from private apartment complexes and houses, have been spotted discharging the waste into open SWDs alongside the Porur Link Road.

published on : 25th August 2020

Testing of sewage samples reveals Hyderabad may have 2.6 lakh active COVID-19 cases

This was indicated in a study by the Hyderabad-based Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) and Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT)

published on : 19th August 2020

STPs to make 5 rivers sewage-free in Andhra Pradesh

The capacity of STPs under construction is 54.2 MLD, and STPs to be constructed is 242 MLD.

published on : 6th August 2020

Four men die of asphyxiation while cleaning sewage tank in Thoothukudi

One of the men entered the tank to clear the solid waste left behind. He collapsed on inhaling the toxic fumes. The three other men followed him into the tank and also succumbed.

published on : 2nd July 2020

ACB may look into IMS’ STP, telemedicine deals

After Andhra Pradesh ACB’s probe into the medical insurance dept’s telemedicine and STP irregularities, TS may follow suit.

published on : 16th June 2020

‘No trace of virus in treated sewage water’  

Bacteria with spores acting as a protective cover can withstand even at 100 degree centigrade, whereas a virus, which is an RNA or DNA form, is like a protein. 

published on : 24th April 2020

Virus taking sewerage route? Hotspots crop up near STPs

We need to find out if there’s any correlation between incidents of infection and sewage water.

published on : 22nd April 2020

Punjab's scheme to treat sewage water for irrigation purposes proves to be roaring success

A project to recycle waste water and direct it to villages with falling water tables has turned farmers towards prosperity, writes Harpreet Bajwa

published on : 8th March 2020

Focussing on removal of effluents from Delhi’s water bodies, says AAP leader Gopal Rai

Gopal Rai said he held interaction with the DJB to ensure that the waste water treated under ISP meet the standards set for them.

published on : 23rd February 2020

Kerala dumps 94% sewage in the open everyday

 Officials of local bodies cite shortage of land as one of the main reasons for the delay in setting the STPs.

published on : 11th February 2020

IIT-Hyderabad to use algae, bacteria to clean sewage

The microalgae to be used in this system survives through photosynthesis and releases oxygen, which will be used by the aerobic bacteria to break down organic waste in the sewage.

published on : 24th December 2019
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