Comprehensive National Nutrition Survey estimates 25% of Telangana's kids, adolescents face threat of chronic kidney disorder

However, nephrologists from the city find that the survey data is not entirely believable, as they find it to be exaggerated.

published on : 19th October 2019

Poor diet taking a toll on heath of Telangana kids: Study

The latest report of Unicef raises alarm over high prevalence of malnutrition among kids

published on : 18th October 2019

Malnutrition deaths in India lower than WHO estimates

The study is particularly significant as the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is set to release the guidelines for community-based management of SAM children. 

published on : 17th October 2019

Much needs to be done on health front: CNNS

Government schemes have been able to prevent Vitamin A and iodine deficiency among children aged 1-4 years.

published on : 15th October 2019

Humble tomato a day can boost your virility

Half took LactoLycopene supplements and the other half took an identical placebo (dummy pills) every day for 12 weeks.

published on : 15th October 2019

Diabetes rising alarmingly among Indian children: Nutrition Survey

The first-ever Comprehensive National Nutrition Survey among children and adolescents has found that diabetes is affecting children in a big way in India.

published on : 10th October 2019

Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences finds obesity in 25% of kids in Hyderabad's schools

Conducted on children aged 9 to 15 years, 36% were found to be overweight in study

published on : 10th October 2019

Daily almond consumption may help reduce facial wrinkles

The postmenopause is the time after which a woman has experienced 12 consecutive months of lack of menstruation.

published on : 9th October 2019

Love red meat? You can continue relishing it

Researchers at McMaster and Dalhousie universities found that cutting back on red or processed meat had little impact on health.

published on : 9th October 2019

The Man Behind Nutrition Science in India

Dr Coluthur Gopalan, who passed away in Chennai last week, just short of his 101st birthday, has been revered as the Father of Nutrition Science in India.

published on : 9th October 2019

Here's how you can eat your way to healthy eyes!

Two dietitians suggest some nutritious food for your eyes.

published on : 24th September 2019

No more biryani or red meat for Pakistan players: Head coach Misbah-ul-Haq

Misbah has issued orders that only barbecue items and pasta with lots of fruits should be on the menu for all teams in the domestic season.

published on : 16th September 2019

‘Your diabetes could be because of your locality’

The researchers found that a higher density of fruit-and-vegetable vendors within 400 m of people’s households was associated with lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

published on : 14th September 2019

Want to stay fit while travelling? Check out these dos and don'ts!

Taking stairs, walking where possible, exercising, cycling, indulging in water sports and swimming are some of the best ways to have a fun-filled holiday while staying fit and active.

published on : 12th September 2019

The A-Z of child nutrition

Turn your children into conscious eaters with these tips  

published on : 12th September 2019
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