Noor Anand Chawla

The King of Queens

Polo player and conservationist Jaisal Singh leads his team, the SUJÁN Indian Tigers, at the ongoing Cartier Queen’s Cup in England

01 Jun 2023

All the World’s a Stage

Alfaaz Theatre is the first digital repository for theatrical productions from around the world, and it’s currently streaming The Age of Prison

18 May 2023

Feat of clay: When the craft became art 

Ceramist Rahul Kumar’s latest solo show innovatively uses clay to tell stories of what has been discarded or left uncommunicated

21 Apr 2023

The Pop-up parade

These six brands are reinventing the concept of pop-ups to appeal to new-age patrons

21 Apr 2023

Recreating the imperial figures of Padshah

The Aga Khan Trust for Culture unveils seven sculptures and a book on Humayun, ahead of the opening of a site museum on the Humayun's tomb.

16 Apr 2023

Nature worship: Bring the outdoors in with biophilia

Biophilia, a concept that denotes the innate instinct of humans to connect with nature and other living beings, is readily being incorporated in all aspects of life

18 Mar 2023

Eating out of the box: Pre-prepared home-cooked food gains popularity among working Indians

Pre-prepared meal boxes are a popular option for those tired of cooking at home or ordering in fancy, often unhealthy, meals

18 Mar 2023

Staying true to the source

Delhi-based actor, director and theatre coach Vidushi Mehra, who is presenting Harold Pinter’s 'Betrayal' in Mumbai this week, was fascinated by the universality of its theme.

03 Mar 2023

A tale of two art scapes in South Bombay

A growing interest has made city-based art festivals popular with locals, while putting the hosts firmly on the global map

28 Jan 2023

Guarding the Goddess: Dance therapist Sohini Roychowdhury hopes to spread awareness of Indian great cultural traditions 

........ With her recent book, Indian Stage Stories: Connecting Civilization - A Telling of the Story of the Indian Stage and How it Connects to the World

08 Jan 2023

Modern love: 'Situationship' as a win-win for both sides

With younger people preferring romantic scenarios that cannot be strictly defined, are ‘situationships’ the future of dating?

17 Dec 2022

e-social network and its rewards 

In a world that is increasingly functioning online, can the age-old practice of professional networking be sustained? By going digital, it certainly can.

16 Dec 2022

Step up to skin cycling, a 'deliberate and strategic' approach to skincare

A new skincare trend advocates resting the skin in cycles from overuse of products for long-lasting, healthy results

26 Nov 2022

The great Indian matchmaking circus

Whether it’s swiping right or meeting someone through the time-honoured practice of matchmaking, millennials are readily turning to third parties to meet potential life partners, albeit with condition

05 Nov 2022

The Sway of Her Jainsem: Shillong fashion label DSEFH marks a decade of modernising age-old clothing styles

‘We believe sustainability of the weavers’ profession is directly proportional to conserving their indigenous lifestyle,’ says DSEFH co-founders.

29 Oct 2022