Healing powers of dead sea minerals

Certain researches have thrown positive light on the impact of dead sea salt bath or mud spa in improving the blood circulation of the human body.

published on : 10th November 2019

Maharashtra stalemate situation to be resolved soon? BJP leader says 'good news' ahead

Sena MP Sanjay Raut, however, said his party was firm on a written assurance from the senior alliance partner over power-sharing, including rotating CM's post for 2.5 years.

published on : 5th November 2019

Turkey says it captured slain IS leader Baghdadi's sister in Syria

Little is known about the sister of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi but the Turkish official said the 65-year-old known as Rasmiya Awad is suspected of being affiliated with the extremist group.

published on : 5th November 2019

Another body found on railway tracks in Hyderabad

An unknown man’s body was found on the railway tracks near Ghatkesar on the city outskirts.

published on : 2nd November 2019

Body of unidentified man found on rail track

 The body of an unidentified person was found on the railway tracks near Lallaguda on Thursday.

published on : 1st November 2019

Centre sticks to its deadline in solving the Nagaland crisis

While the stalemate prevails, the central government's interlocutor and Governor RN Ravi held separate talks with with the NSCN-IM and a conglomerate of seven organisations.

published on : 30th October 2019

'Dead' 50 years ago, Karnataka man returns to reunite with family

Eranna who vanished from his native village is said to have suffered a loss of memory all these years.

published on : 30th October 2019

Syrian agent stole ISIS Chief Baghdadi's underwear for DNA test before his death

Polat Can, a senior adviser to the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces, published details of the intelligence work that led to the US raid in which the founder of ISIS was killed.

published on : 29th October 2019

INTERVIEW | As a man, I do not presume to understand gender politics: 'Terminator: Dark Fate' director Tim Miller

Filmmaker Tim Miller talks to Cinema Express about his latest film, Terminator: Dark Fate, which hits screens this Friday.

published on : 29th October 2019

Number one replacement of Baghdadi terminated by US troops: Donald Trump

Baghdadi had not officially named his successor, but several names were being speculated after his death. Trump said that the US knew the potential successors of Baghdadi and was after them.

published on : 29th October 2019

Mohammad Bin Salman congratulates Donald Trump on death of ISIS chief Baghdadi

On Sunday, Trump had announced that Abu Bakr, the most wanted terrorist in the world, was killed in an operation launched by the US Army in Syria's Idlib province.

published on : 29th October 2019

Baghdadi raid was named after American human rights worker, IS victim Kayla Mueller

The 26-year-old human rights worker was taken prisoner by the IS when she visited a hospital while helping civil war refugees in Syria in 2013.

published on : 29th October 2019

Giant skeletons come alive in Mexico for Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead celebrations began on Saturday with a parade of women dressed as "Catrina", a famous skeletal representation of death created by cartoonist Jose Guadalupe Posada in 1912.

published on : 29th October 2019

Anti-IS coalition to meet in Washington November 14: US

The meeting announcement came after Trump on Sunday announced the killing of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in an attack in Syria led by US Special Forces.

published on : 29th October 2019

'Intensive' US-Turkey contact during Baghdadi raid: Ankara

US President Donald Trump announced Sunday that Baghdadi had been killed the previous night during a raid by US special forces in northwest Syria, a few kilometres from the Turkish border.

published on : 29th October 2019
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