Stringing a modern Yogasutra

A bunch of yoga masters add their own uniqueness to the discipline to make it fun and dynamic.

published on : 9th August 2020

Perils of wearing masks during yoga amid coronavirus

Yoga teachers and medical professionals on whether it is safe to do yoga at a public institute with a visor and no mask

published on : 8th August 2020

Five easy asanaas to boost immunity

Yoga expert Paloma Gangopadhyay says that our body needs to be fitter and mind has to be stronger to fight not only stress and depression, but also other pandemics.

published on : 5th August 2020

Yoga: The priceless wealth

Yoga is a comprehensive way of life that gives a high level of importance to dharmic values and principles. Yoga brings success in both material as well as spiritual life.  

published on : 5th July 2020

The Pricelessness of Exercise

Even when it comes to exercises for the upkeep of mental health, there are many practices to choose from.

published on : 24th June 2020

Keep calm and yoga on

Practicing Padmasana and Vrikshasana that are simple and easy-to-perform, greatly benefit those under depression, he informs. 

published on : 21st June 2020

Yoga everyday: Here are some poses for self-care

On International Yoga Day, yoga expert Grand Master Akshar recommends some asanas that you must try daily to nourish the mind and body.

published on : 21st June 2020

Yoga Day goes indoors, to focus on immunity 

Ayush ministry draws up Common Yoga Protocol, mass events off menu        

published on : 17th June 2020

These are the health benefits that yoga has to offer

An over 4000-year-old practice, Yog or Yoga, is not only a catalyst in our journey to fitness but also benefits our mind and inner wellness.

published on : 13th June 2020

Why doctors need Yoga now more than ever

A healthcare professional person may be able to modulate the body’s stress response system by reducing perceived stress and anxiety through a yoga practice

published on : 31st May 2020

Yogaraj Bhat resumes post-production work for Gaalipata 2

While the dubbing process will begin this week, the director says they have cancelled plans for shooting abroad and the film will mostly be shot in Karnataka.

published on : 11th May 2020

Yogaraj Bhat, Arjun Janya and Vijaya Prakash come together to create a musical on lockdown

With lyrics written by Bhatru, the music video will give a glimpse of the Garden City amid the current coronavirus outbreak.

published on : 21st April 2020

Yoga, work, movies and old movies

As the Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Freedom Healthy Cooking Oils, I’ve never really had more than two hours of free time.

published on : 9th April 2020

Virtual yoga assistance may help you be fit during home quarantine, say experts

Having been told to stay indoors to ‘break the chain’ sure sucks, but we might as well make use of the ample time at hand.

published on : 21st March 2020

Yoga to be taught now in Tamil Nadu government schools

Lessons on yoga might be introduced in all government schools from the next academic year to promote students’ overall wellbeing, a top government official told Express.

published on : 12th March 2020
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