The suitcase sutra

The definitive yearly list for vacationers who seek the exotic everywhere.

Sculptor Vivek Vijay

Carving with quicksilver

Sculptor Vivek Vijay, has made an idol of Ganesha using mercury that is tough to bind.

Arts need volunteer support

And if volunteering is to be catalysed in response to mere need, then believe me, arts in India need the most number of volunteers.

‘I am not ashamed of my work’

The actor talks about her movie Anarkali of Arrah, which is high on ‘boldness’, and her choice of roles.

The magical minister of crab

With two of his Colombo restaurants featuring in Asia’s Top 50 list, Sri Lankan-Japanese chef sits on the cusp of two food cultures.

Chef Dharshan Munidasa
Andrew Hines, business development head of CleanMax Solar for southern region

Making power while the sun shines

Mumbai-based solar power developing firm sets up India’s first solar farm in Karnataka.

Blame the genes if you're unhappy

Scientists in Australia have found that parents who are stressed can pass on depression to their children and grandchildren.

Avoid unhealthy habits

I find samosas tempting but potatoes do not agree with me nor does the maida.

Picrorhiza kurroa