The Royal Trump turnaround: Frustration is rife, but no need for dismay

People in India were expressing dismay in social media over the last weekend.

As desi as it gets

Exclusive excerpts from Pukka Indian, which defines India through 100 things simple and complex.

Academic doors should open fast and allow fresh air

The annual report of any major corporate states “the objective of the organisation is to maximise shareholder value”.

Deporting Rohingya refugees is a step in the right direction

New Delhi’s decision to deport Rohingya Muslim refugees and its refusal to open border for more to come in, is in the interest of national security.

Create congenial climate for learning in education centres

The urgency to improve learning attainments and quality of education is invariably underscored in every discourse and document on education policy formulation, reforms and implementation of the plans

Stepping on it...... and not an ivory one!

The ruins of a tower which once served as a lighthouse stand upon a little ledge of rocks that runs out into the sea.

The pain is not all in the head

Fibromyalgia, characterised by tenderness and pain in muscles and deep tissues which lasts for months, is often misdiagnosed