Being Salman

With Tubelight, the actor replaces the star with recurring themes of brotherhood, faith and love to create a new genre. And he has the muscle to smash the box office on his magic run. 

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Mister scooter

Riding on his passion, this Kochi-based tour guide has been collecting old scooters for the past 17 years.

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A Brahmaputra odyssey

A cruise on the river from Guwahati to Jorhat aboard a luxury vessel offers insights into the rich culture, heritage and wildlife of Assam.

Mango marvel

If its sheer fragrance makes your heart do cartwheels, cue into the ingenious inclusions of the king
of fruit this season.

Chef Davide Cananzi's Brazilian Fajolata

The great development debate

A ground-up perspective, while documenting India’s disparities in growth and governance challenge

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Ashish Bisht

Dark beauty of the night

For Shab, 17 is the lucky, or unlucky, number. It took 17 years for Onir’s first script to hit the theatres, while newcomer Ashish Bisht made the cut as its lead actor after being rejected 17 times

The Ranas of Nepal

Of a Himalayan coup and life in exile

Author Singha Durbar takes the reader through the stormy days of the early years of Nepal’s Rana regime.

A look back in time

It’s a tale set in India’s Pataliputra during Alexander’s conquest of the Persian capital of Persepolis and the Battle of the Hydaspes.

Ruins of  Nalanda University