The right fit: What harm can a wrong pair of shoes do to the body

A change in footwear can help relieve pain by 30-40 per cent

published on : 22nd March 2023

Creating awareness one step at a time

While the earlier plan was to do a 12-hour treadmill, but it was reduced to 10 hours due to the mall restriction.

published on : 7th March 2023

‘Students who are physically fit, will be mentally strong': Dr G Vani Mohan

V-C Prof P Nagabhushan said that the youth should bring out their strengths and skills through such events.

published on : 17th February 2023

The what and why of knee replacement surgery

Those who have chronic arthritis or have sustained a severe injury to the knee may find the simplest activities, such as climbing stairs or even walking, very painful and challenging.

published on : 31st January 2023

Yasmin Karachiwala, the Pilates guru

Renowned Pilates instructor Yasmin Karachiwala has become the face of the Pilates revolution in India.

published on : 13th January 2023

Celebrities reflect on takeaways of 2022, hopes for 2023

Being optimistic, keeping health and fitness in check, and being the best version of themselves. City’s popular faces share their resolutions with Dese Gowda  

published on : 2nd January 2023

Workouts and artworks

Fitness coach Alexander V S has set up a ‘mini art gallery’ at his gym, where his frames offer food for thought and brain workout.

published on : 6th December 2022

Collapsed Morbi suspension bridge had reopened 5 days back after repair work; lacked 'fitness' certificate

The more than a century-old bridge in Morbi city, located around 300 km from the state capital Gandhinagar, caved in around 6.30 pm on Sunday when it was crammed with people.

published on : 31st October 2022

Look rugged and feel light

He looks like a mannequin of just enough pumped Arnold Schwarzenegger but has no difficulty with the build. Unlike many beefed-up fitness models, Rohit is incredibly flexible 

published on : 26th October 2022

Crush your workout goals

Mini workouts are intermittent exercise sessions that range between five and 10 minutes and are scheduled at intervals in a day.

published on : 14th September 2022

Weapon of mass construction: How to lose weight in the healthy way? 

Body recomposition, where one loses fat while gaining muscle mass, is a fitness approach that health experts are increasingly betting their bottom dollar on  

published on : 4th September 2022

Fuelling Chennai: Flagbearers of fitness & form by Madras Musings

Four experts from the fitness industry in Chennai speak about their journeys and how movement is the new game changer in the city 

published on : 3rd September 2022

Daily activity more beneficial than longer periods of exercise? Researchers reveal more

ECU Exercise and Sports Science Professor Ken Nosaka highlighted if someone was unable to exercise for a period, there was no value in trying to "make up" for it with a longer session later.

published on : 21st August 2022

Refresh your workout routine

Spruce up your workout routine with these practices suggested by three city-based fitness coaches

published on : 9th August 2022

Attention, people with desk jobs: Move your body, already!

A sedentary lifestyle can be challenged by simple exercises through the day, and it isn’t too hard, as we find out… 

published on : 26th June 2022

Wend your way, one step at a time: Here's how we can maximise walk routines

Maximise your walk routine to put the spring in your step.

published on : 19th June 2022

Flexing her muscles for India

Priya Singh has only one aim: win a place in the Indian team and represent the country in IFBB-organised international event, reports Rajesh Asnani

published on : 29th May 2022

Rising to the challenge, together

We look at an AcroYoga community in the city that is bringing this fun and therapeutic fitness practice to citizens keen on exploring it

published on : 10th May 2022

Mother of all fitness

When Sucheta Pal wanted to know how to move her post-baby body in the right, safe and confident way, she did not find many answers.

published on : 8th May 2022

Fitness of Kerala ministers’ official vehicles in focus

The accident involving the official car of Finance Minister K N Balagopal on Friday has brought the focus on the fitness of government vehicles.

published on : 18th April 2022
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