Pizza festival at cyclists’ cafe

By Tania Thomas| Express News Service | Published: 18th August 2018 02:22 AM
From the food to the decor, to the accessories, everything in the café reeks of a cycle enthusiasts’ taste.

BENGALURU: To bring the community together, this cafe was built specially for cycling enthusiasts. It has a cycle shop inside the café. From the food to the decor, to the accessories, everything in the café reeks of a cycle enthusiasts’ taste. Right at the entrance, stands the first cycle that was invented in 1817. Once you enter the café, you may want to take a walk around, before you choose your table. The show of cycles at the cycle stand and the accessories on the walls are a sight for anyone who likes the sport.

The food here is thought-out carefully, in a way that caters to both cycling enthusiasts and the regular customer who might want to have a good meal. Before trying out the special menu of the Pizza festival, for starters, we tried out some dishes from their regular menu. The Steamed Bao, both veg and non-veg, was almost like a meal in itself. The bao was soft and seemed ideal for someone who does not want to experiment too much with their food. Likewise, the Grilled Cajun Chicken is recommended for those who want to have something familiar-tasting. However, the rest of the starters, all unique in their own ways, had a speciality of their own. Spirulina and Jalapeno Hummus and Pita deserves a special mention.

The hummus was made out of Spirulina. Intrigued by the use of Spirulina in this dish, we were curious about its usage in food items and so, we were served a drink made out of spirulina called Spirulina Ice Tea. This is usually served as a booster to cyclists and this sure did boost us for the evening. We then moved on to other starters. Mushroom and Broccoli Onion Rings was served with wasabi mayo and is a must-have for those who relish the taste of mustard. Fish lovers should try out the Butter Poached Wasabi Prawns, the creaminess of the dish was a treat to the palate.

Finally, we moved on to the much-waited pizzas served at this special pizza festival. All of these pizzas have been specially designed and made for this festival. We first tried the Hungarian Langos, which is deep fried pizza topped with butter, sour cream and cheese. It was followed by Turkish Lahmajoun. This is served with your choice of meat, with pickled onion, fresh tomatoes, parsley and lemon. The next pizza we dug into was the Italian Calzone, a full house veggie mac and cheese pizza. Who would have thought you could even turn mac and cheese into a pizza? Our pizza marathon came to end with Japanese Okonomiyaki, a Japanese style crepe with cabbage, spring onion and bok choy.

To end the meal on a sweet yet healthy note, we were served with Activated Charcoal Pannacotta with Mango Jelly. The choice of serving the activated charcoal mango jelly was unique and proved to be a perfect blend. The pizza festival is on till August 31 at Ciclo Cafe, Indiranagar. Cost for two: `1,000

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