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The BJP President said his party would welcome Article 370 if it had helped in reduction of poverty in the state.

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A daredevil ride through the city evading police and pulling stunts like ‘wheelies’ ended in two people being booked for reckless driving as alert cops set up a barricade and arrested one of them.

The Kerala women’s team to participate in the Senior Women’s National Football Championship at Dibrugarh, Assam, later this month played a practice match against a local football club.

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Momos, dumplings, dim sums - these little balls of dough; steamed, fried or even baked; have become an intrinsic part of Bangalore's kitschy food landscape.

Capital is anything but a dry historical memoir: Rana Dasgupta’s essays are about real, often poignant, people who have an enduring character akin to a storyteller’s creations