Nursing council members, registrar at loggerheads

By Preeja Prasad| Express News Service | Published: 11th September 2018 10:06 PM
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BENGALURU : It has been ten years since the last election within the Karnataka Nursing Council (KNC). Members of the council say that the post of the registrar has been vacant since August 31, which was the deadline for the position to be filled, and that no announcement has been made by the acting-registrar Shrikanth Pulari, who was nominated by the state government rather than being elected by council members as per protocol. The temporary position was filled after the former registrar — BN Muninarayanappa — was suspended for  ‘suspicious activities’ last year, after which Pulari has been in charge since January 2017.

The members — 21 in total — also say that council meetings with the registrar, which are supposed to happen twice a year, have not taken place since his appointment. “The meetings are taking place with only three elected members of the council, who were nominated by the state government. But till date, the registrar has not invited us for any of the meetings,” says a member, adding that the temporary position was supposed to be filled only for five months.

Members have stated that financial decisions, which are usually taken by the registrar, are being made by the Director of Medical Education, causing delays in various processes. In addition, around 200 new nursing schools have approached the council seeking permission to start operations, approvals for which have to be given by all EC members. However, they allege that the three government-nominated members are acting as decision-makers rather than just advisors. 

Inexperienced registrar, rue council members
Members also say that the current registrar — Pulari — is not right for the job.  “I had applied for the registrar’s position, and though I fit the criteria, I did not get it, and someone who has no experience has taken charge,” says a disappointed member of the council on condition of anonymity.

However, Pulari says that he was nominated by the Department of Medical Education (DME), and that his position is only temporary, until a new registrar takes charge. “I will announce the elections after getting the updated electoral information or voter list. It may take another three months or so,” he says.  He adds that all decisions are made under the guidance of DME.  

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