Achyuth Kumar dons baker’s hat for Bheema Sena

By A Sharadhaa| Express News Service | Published: 05th September 2018 03:17 AM

Achyuth Kumar is getting a first-hand experience of the working of a kitchen, and not to mention a chance to sample some traditional Iyengar goodies, never mind that he was watching his weight for his upcoming film Bheema Sena Nala Maharaja, directed by Karthik Saragur.

The director, whose film is themed around food, will see Achyuth donning the role of an  Iyengar bakery owner. Besides getting a first-hand experience about the kitchen tales, he tells us that he also sampled.

“Bheema Sena... chronicles the history of the Iyengar bakery. My portions were shot in a 150-year-old historical bungalow that belonged to John Taylor, the founder of the KGF Factory. The film also brings back the history of the Imperial Bakery, a British brand. When I went to these locations, I got to see the old-time kitchens. Secondly, being a Tamil Iyengar, I had to bring in Tamil to make it look authentic,” says the actor.

Achyuth’s character in the film will represent ‘Bitter taste’. “The father figure is often misunderstood in the family, because he is looked at as a patriarch whose word is final. I play the role of an authoritarian father whose child perceives him to be ‘Hitler’. By the time, they understand the reason for the behaviour, they are fathers themselves. That’s an interesting part of Bheema Sena..., which the director has layered well through his narration,” explains Achyuth.

The film, a joint between Pushkar Mallikarjuanaiah, Rakshit Shetty and Hemanth M Rao  stars Aravinnd Iyer, Priyanka Thimmesh and Aarohi Narayan Bheema Sena... has music by Charan Raj and cinematography by Ravindranath

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