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By Nikita Sharma| Express News Service | Published: 09th September 2018 05:00 AM

Saveur is to food what Vogue is to fashion. Founded in 1994, it went on to become one of the most influential and authoritative food magazines in the gourmet world. In 2010, it announced the “Best Food Blog Awards” in nine categories, including Best Food Photography, Best Regional Cuisine Blog, Best Kitchen Tools and Hardware Coverage. Here are a few from the Saveur table.

Bon Vivantito

Blogger: Tyler Zielinski
Why: This liquid expert doesn’t think food is just about eating. It is a cultural experience. Reading the blog is going into aspects of food and drink such as culture, history, and lifestyle. It is also highly informative; this September learn about NYC’s hottest new Tiki Bar and How To Make Matcha Tea Syrup as Tyler takes you in his own words on “my booze filled journey.”

Cahier No.1

Blogger: Vanessa
Why: Haitian-American 
Vanessa is a self-confessed grandmother’s baby. All her recipes come from the woman who died before she could get to know her; 400 of them written in French and recorded in seven “cahiers” (notebooks). The blog is not just about the palate. It is also a foodologue that takes readers on a journey of discovery of the blogger herself and her past. 

Cooking for Elephants

Blogger: Beatrix Basu
Why: This Bavaria-born photographer collects old photographs and rare spices, and now lives in India with her Bengali husband and little son. Basu’s grandparents were Czech and German respectively.  She set out to explore the world when her Alpine village “got too small for her.”

The result is a blog full of exotic recipes, culinary customs and a cultural mosaic. The blog has both time-tested recipes and experimental dishes from different traditions with exotic ingredients. Food is not just a kitchen for Beatrix, but narrative of cultures.

Kappa 23

Bloggers: Ira and Emma
Why: Former dieticians and organic foodies who met in Crete are behind this Eat Med blog. 
Message: How to adapt Mediterranean cuisine to modern living, become seasonally and locally self-sufficient and cook with local ingredients while treating the dining table as a bonding experience. 

Foods Before Dudes

Blogger: Kara
Why: It’s the world’s first and only CGI food blog (CGI refers to 3D computer graphics) with 3D drawings, recipes and lots of attitude (yes, adulthood involves some eating of cake for breakfast). Kara examines where food and art meet and what happens then; and how women are the womb power of the kitchen. 

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