Things that you will experience only in Spain

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Many know Spain for its famous Barcelona football team, but going beyond Spain is much more than one can think of. Spain is not only a country that has sandy beaches which make it one of the best tourist spots. It is in the possession of rich cultural heritage, architectures that are nowhere less than splendid beauty, festivals that stay peculiar to the country, snow-capped mountains that are yet to be explored and much more. But something that attracts most of the tourists to Spain is its stress-free and relaxed lifestyle. People of Spain lead a life that is hard to find in any country, and you will find uncountable reasons to visit Spain for your next international destinations.

Spain should be on everyone’s travel bucket list for so many reasons, and the best is that there are certain things that can only be found in Spain. The best way to explore Spain in a convenient way is by hiring Taxi. It will be the best way to see even the smallest beauty of the cities of Spain. Though the price will vary from city to city, sometimes it can be 2 to 3 times more to basic fare in bigger countries; a taxi is still the best option. Being a tourist it's troublesome to take a taxi for a good fare, instead, you can get the private transfer in Spain at Kiwitaxi website beforehand. 

Holy Grail

Those practicing Christianity knows the concept of “Holy Grail,” and every single artwork, be it movies, paintings, books, and others have included the concept.  But many don’t know that the Holy Grail is located in the Valencia Cathedral of Spain and even the Vatican City, the religious capital of Christianity, has acknowledged it. The artifact stays well-protected in a bay on the wall and people offer their prayers here. Along with this, the Cathedral is famous for the preserved arm of St. Vincent of Saragossa. The place serves as a center of faith for many, and not everywhere you get to the see the “Holy Grail.”

Bull Fighting

Bull Fighting stays synonymous with Spain.  All over the world, animal activists have been criticizing the act demanding to ban it, but Spain has no intention of letting go its traditional act. Bull Fighting takes place in all over the country and has been the very part of it for hundreds of years. Though it takes place in many parts of the country, the one being organized in Madrid is the best one, and Seville has the most authentic one sticking to the traditions. 

Flamenco Show

Every country has some festivals that stay specific to its border, and out of many that take place in Spain, Flamenco Show is the one. The show is an old traditional form of folk music on which people dance in their own folk choreography. The show has not lost its value and continues to enjoy the same love and enthusiasm as it did when it was started in the 7th century as per the records.

Scariest Pathway

This will certainly get into the nerves of adventure enthusiasts. The scariest pathway is located in the small village of El Choro, Malaga, Spain. The one meter wide, the pathway is known as Caminito Del Rey and was inaugurated by Alfonso XIII. 3000 meters long and 101 meters tall, this one will surely send chills down to your spine while you cross it.

La Tomatina

This one needs no elaboration. La Tomatina is a festival that receives the maximum number of tourists from all over the world and it takes place in Bunol, a small town. People throw tomatoes on each other and enjoy to the fullest by dancing, eating, and drinking.

These are some of those experiences that you will only experience in Spain and it will certainly fill you with happiness.

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