Why orange is the new green 

By Jones Elish| Express News Service | Published: 26th November 2022 06:45 AM

BENGALURU:  Fresh orange juice is a must-have of every bar around the world. Just a splash is all it takes to spruce up a drink and make it a delicious cocktail. It’s the make-or-break ingredient for classics like the screwdriver, the bruncher’s favourite mimosa or if you’re feeling adventurous, a tequila sunrise! 

Most barkeeps would agree that the orange juice should be fresh in order to get that extra burst of flavour. However, it’s only when you make the juice yourself, do you realise the sheer quantity of this precious fruit that could be considered ‘waste’. Of course, a few of the peels can be used as garnish but we were determined to find a way to use it all! 

So, we started using the leftover mixture to make fresh marmalade. The best part is that this jam is as versatile as the juice itself. It can be used to give a bittersweet twist to cocktails or on your morning toast, for a breakfast of champions.  


Fresh orange pulp - 100 gm
Discarded orange 
peel - 200gm
Jaggery - 100 gm 
Water - 500ml 

Let the mixture slowly
boil on low heat till it reduces to from a jam. 

The Lantern

Whiskey - 60ml 
Lime juice - 10ml 
Homemade orange marmalade - 5 to 8gm 
Ice cubes

Method: Pour all 
one-by-one in a cocktail shaker 
Shake with lots of ice cubes
Pour it into an old-fashioned glass 
Garnish it with orange peel or dehydrated orange

OG Fizz

 Gin - 60ml  Homemade orange marmalade - 10gm
 Ginger ale 

Build gin and marmalade in a highball glass
Give it a stir
Top it up with ginger ale 
Use dehydrated 
orange as garnish

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