Manish Malhotra's sanitising care product review: Designing a ‘clean’ piece 

By Ayesha Singh| Published: 29th November 2020 05:00 AM
Unlike other sanitisers, this one doesn’t dry out the hands even after repeated use.

In every crisis, there is an opportunity and designer Manish Malhotra knew exactly how to leverage it. He has launched a range of sanitising care products to cater to the ever-increasing hygiene needs of a pandemic-shaken world.

The line comprises antimicrobial facial wipes, hand sprays and handrubs,  tastefully jacketed in rose gold and black finish. The formulation is free of nasties. 

The wipes incorporate skin-friendly agents such as rosemary oil (an anti-inflammatory) neem (known for its antimicrobial properties), olive extracts (good for hydration), Vitamin E oil (rich in antioxidants) among other things. The wipes make for an effective make-up remover too.

The spray comes with vetiver, basil and olive extracts—all known to soothe irritable skin. If you’ve got a sensitive epidermis, try this product. Unlike other sanitisers, this one doesn’t dry out the hands even after repeated use.

The rub is as good as the spray and is free of nasties. Because both products serve essentially the same purpose, getting either is good but we preferred the spray because it spritzs out the right amount spreading it evenly on the surface. Its fast-drying formula makes it a practical pick too. 

Antimicrobial Facial Wipes: ₹ Price: Rs 349
Antimicrobial Hand Rub: ₹Price: Rs 349
Antimicrobial Sanitising Hand Spray: Price: Rs 349

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