Product Review - Clear as Glass

Trisha Mukherjee

I woke up late to the serum revolution in skincare, but now that I have, it has become indispensable. Which is why, I am always on the lookout for good face serums, and my latest discovery is the Rose Glass All Rounder Skin Face Serum by a homegrown brand called Suroskie.

I use a pea sized amount after applying toner, and it spreads evenly on the entire face, leaving the skin hydrated, and with a velvety finish, contrary to other similar products in the market, which have a sticky after-effect.

Prolonged used—twice a day, morning and evening—over a few weeks have a brightening effect on the skin, as it evens out the skin tone and lightens any dark spots you may have. Added bonus is its rose fragrance, which feels refreshing, particularly in summers.

If one really has to niggle, it would be the packaging. It comes in a pump form instead of the usual dropper bottle. Because it is much thicker in consistency than other serums, the pump fails to dispense the product, even with a third of it left in the bottle.

Its inconvenient packaging may discourage you to make the purchase price (it costs almost twice the amount of other similar items), the product is totally worth it.

Suroskie Rose Glass All Rounder Skin Face Serum Price: Rs 1295