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‘Making use of Nanotechnology will help protect environment’

Published: 11th July 2012 09:57 AM

Last Updated: 11th July 2012 10:02 AM

 Tessy Thomas, project director of India’s prestigious Agni IV and V missions, has said that making use of the possibilities of nanotechnology will help protect the environment.

 Delivering a lecture on ‘science and technology for environment protection,’ organised as part of the Diamond Jubilee lecture series held under the aegis of Parliamentary Study Centre of the Kerala Legislature, she said that nano particles had the capacity to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and pump into the earth. Nano catalysts are useful for waste treatment. Photo voltaic cells can be made using light sensitive polymers, she said.

She said that nano oil spills were used to contain the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. The characteristics of the matter will be different at the nano level, she said and added that making use of nanotechnology would help create an environment friendly life.  Pointing out that anti-satellite missile debris and other space debris were polluting even the space, Tessy Thomas said that following the blasting of a satellite using anti-satellite missile by China in 2007 its debris were left in the space.

 Magnetic levitation trains for transportation and environment-friendly ‘green home’ concepts will be a great relief to the environment, she said.  Speaker G Karthikeyan presided over the function. ENS

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