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'People want us back together'

Published: 25th September 2013 12:38 PM

Last Updated: 25th September 2013 12:38 PM

Mr and Mrs Ramachari will be Yash’s fifth film with Jayanna Combines and third movie with actress Radhika Pandit. Ask Yash why he chose to become Ramachari, he says, “This script was a youthful love story, which is the  current trend of movies in the making,” and adds,”A good team will come up with a good movie. I have maintained a good rapport with the producers (Jayanna and Bhogendra)  and it is always fun to work with them. They have always allowed for creative freedom. This possible because they are passionate about movies and know the pulse of the audience, which counts for a lot. The moment I expressed my interest in this movie, they came forward to produce it. As for Radhika and me pairing up, it has worked twice before in Moggina Manasu and Drama. In fact, people want to see both of us onscreen again and again. “Secondly, the director had written the script keeping both of us in mind and insisted that we come on board together. It is because of the director and public choice that we are back together.”

Yash is currently looking forward to the release of his film Raja Hulli. “I am currently shooting for Gajakesari only after which I will begin working for Mr and Mrs Ramachari. Currently, we have confirmed the title, but it is too early to talk about the story as I will be turning my attention to it only after completing my other commitments,” he says.

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