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Bharatanatyam by NRI

Published: 17th August 2013 11:39 AM

Last Updated: 17th August 2013 11:39 AM

Namita Prakash, an NRI from California, will perform a Bharatanatyam concert at Jaganmohana Palace Auditorium in Mysore at 5.30 pm on August 17.  She is a class 10 student at a high school in Orange County in California in the USA.

Namita is passionate about Bharatanatyam. She said that her interest in this classical dance is deep-rooted, as her parents are steeped in Indian culture despite living in the US. There are several Indian-American youngsters who have taken up Bharatanatyam, she said.  Namita comes to stay with her grandparents in Bangalore during her school break, and spends most of her time at Natyaguru M R Krishnamurthy’s Kalakshithi Bharatanatyam School near Nettakallappa Circle. Her interest in Bharatanatyam started at an early age as she would watch her elder sister Aneesha learn dance at the Kalakshithi School.

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