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A Marathon Musical Tribute to the Legend

Published: 13th December 2013 09:07 AM

Last Updated: 13th December 2013 09:07 AM

To honour Kishore Kumar, the evergreen hero of Indian music industry, a young singer from the city is all set to pay a marathon musical tribute to the legend. Salish Shyam, an aspiring singer, will sing selected hundred songs of Kishore Kumar in 10 hours for the ‘Gaatha Rahe’ event which will be held in the city on Friday. The singer promises that the selected song list will feature some of the rarest classic hits and unheard melody numbers of Kishore Kumar.

Being a hardcore Kishore Kumar fan was just a secondary reason for Salish to think of such a marathon venture. ‘’I feel music lovers in our city are not paying due importance to the legendary singer. Rafi nights happen every now and then, but a genuine tribute has not been paid to Kishore Kumar in our city. Being a singer and more importantly being a Kishore fan, I felt I had to take the initiative and thus ‘Gaatha Rahe’ was planned,’’ says Salish, who has more than 2,000 performances to his credit.

‘’I decided I was going to be a singer during my college days at Devagiri St Joseph’s. We had a regular team which used to hang out in the college canteen and those were the times when we used to sing some songs with table and bench beats as accompaniments. Our college principal noticed us and he shared the idea that we form a proper band and start performing for the public. Thereafter, we started concentrating on serious music and performing for college functions. Gradually, though most of them moved out of the band after college days, I decided to stick on,’’ recollects Salish.

Say Kishore Kumar and the first thing that comes to mind is the maestro’s ‘yodelling’. Kishore Kumar popularised this unique singing style in India and there were a very few who did better than him. Salish is quite excited whilst talking about Kishore Kumar’s yodelling. ‘’Those who have heard me singing have opined that my voice is thick, resembling that of Kishore Kumar, with a special mention to the yodelling similarity also. Somehow I am much confident singing them,’’ says the singer who has received no formal training in music. ‘Zindagi Ek Safar Hai Suhana’ is one of the most popular songs sung by the legend which has evident tinges of yodelling in them and Salish promises that he will sing it for the event.

‘’I remember having attended a Kishore Kumar programme in the city in the early 80s. Though I was a young kid then, I do recollect how much I was impressed by his yodelling styles. I remember mimicking them. Guess it’s because of years of training that I have mastered it all the more better now,’’ he says with a smile.

Though Salish had been touring the country and abroad with his music, he adds that this would be the first-of-its attempt from him. ‘’I have hosted several Kishore Kumar programmes, but 100 songs in 10 hours is my first. I am tensed, but confident,’’ he says. Salish had been a regular performer for many music programmes in various channels. ‘Ilayanila’ on Jeevan TV and ‘Supertroupe’ on Amrita TV were a few among them.

The event will also see the participation of four sets of orchestra, which will take turns to accompany 25 songs each. A team of 20 singers will accompany Salish in the duet numbers. Salish will also be rendering the only song which Kishore Kumar had sung in a female voice. ‘’The duet song from ‘Half Ticket,’ which was a solo singing from the legend, is the toughest one in my list,’’ says Salish, who will be adorning a female garb exclusively for the song.

The event will flag off at 9 am at the Town Hall.

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