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The great Beypore dhow in making

  • The craftsmen plugging away to build a Dhow, known as 'Uru' in Malayalam, at Beypore in Kerala. The boat-making tradition goes back to centuries when the Yemeni people came to Kerala, apparently for the high quality timber in Nilambur forests to build Dhows. (T. P Sooraj | EPS)
  • The workers are seen carrying a wooden slab that would go into the making of this giant of a boat. (T. P Sooraj | EPS)
  • Craftsmen at work to keep the long standing tradition alive. (T. P Sooraj | EPS)
  • An inside peek into the art of dhow-making. (T. P Sooraj | EPS)
  • A lateral view of THE 'Uru' in making at the Beypore district in Kozhikode, Kerala. (T. P Sooraj | EPS)
  • Beypore boasts of skilled carpenters, who are actively involved in the business of 'Uru' making. (T. P Sooraj | EPS)
  • The Yemeni people who settled in Kerala, known as Baramis are one of the best exponents of the art of Uru-making. (T. P Sooraj | EPS)