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'Kerala is My Next Project'

Published: 13th December 2013 12:46 PM

Last Updated: 13th December 2013 12:46 PM

Lavishly set in a stylish grey tone, ‘Errata’ undoubtedly belongs to the ‘film noir’ genre, with an edge-of-the-seat story line. Argentinian director, Ivan Vescovo’s maiden attempt dabbles with human perspectives while unraveling a brewing mystery. The film takes a detour from the conventional art-house and explores the follies of love in today’s world. With Sebastian Mega Diaz’s seamless editing, Errata’s scenes sashay back and forth from memories to reality. And what more, the film competing at the IFFK has already gained its share of fandom from the capital city.

“I am planning to make a film on Kerala. I have never seen such film loving people ever in my life. The people and place are exquisite. When I went out to buy something from a shop, the shop keeper recognized me and asked whether I am Ivan Vescovo and treated me like a star,” says an overjoyed Ivan.

This 24-year-old’s deep-rooted affinity towards images is what took him into filmmaking. At the age of fourteen Ivan started making shortfilms and fell in love with cinematography. “After a while I took a break and analyzed my works. Then I realised that they were all horrible. The lighting was bad, the shots even worse. It is at that moment that I decided to learn to handle a camera,” says Ivan. Ivan was just 17 and in school, when he secured a place at one of the universities where they taught cinematography. He managed to juggle school and university at the same time.

Later on he studied direction at the University of the cinema, Argentina. Ivan says, from there his life took a serious turn. When he finally decided to make a feature film of his own after his course completion, the university supplied him with all the equipment he needed.

“I am fortunate that I got to study there. They provide the college alumni with all the facilities they need to make films. However, we couldn’t meet our other expenses. So we had to halt our shoot within 2-3 days and go for some other job to summon money. It took us around a year to complete shooting and the editing took another 6 months,” says Ivan. But he could convince some of the well-known faces from the Argentinian cinema to act as his principal characters Ulysses and Alma.

“They didn’t take any money from us. They loved the script and wanted to be a part of good cinema,” says Ivan.

Interweaving a crime thriller with an invaluable Jorge Luis Borges work which has an erratum, Ivan says memories do not always tell the truth.

“Your memories are always subjective, hence very personal. Those memories may not be the truth even. They are your perspective of the situation.

For ‘Ulysses’ (the protagonist of the film) the time he spent with Alma (his girlfriend) were precious but the reality was far from it. I have specifically used black and white to create a fantasy world. Colour is something we see everywhere while grey is novel,” he says. Ivan doesn’t want to reveal his next directorial venture, which is in the pipeline. However he is extremely excited about the movie he is planning on Kerala.

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