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Saviour of Many Lives Loses His Wife

Published: 29th December 2013 08:04 AM

Last Updated: 29th December 2013 09:02 AM

Sravan Baswaraj might be a saviour for many, but he could not rescue his own wife and father-in-law.

As survivors and other passengers of the ill-fated Bangalore-Nanded Express tried to congratulate the ‘hero’ of the day, Sravan looked distressed and was not in a position to take the compliments.

Sravan, along with his family members, boarded the train in B1 Three-Tier AC coach which caught fire.

As the compartment went up in flames and amid chaos, it was Sravan and a couple of others who could gather courage and saved themselves and others too. They initially tried to break the glass window, but could not as they were very tough.

Sravan and others then rushed inside the toilet and removed the grills and panes and through the window pulled out nearly 20 passengers.

It was after the police and rescue personnel reached the place that Sravan realised that he could not bring his wife and father-in-law to safety.

Crying incosolably, Sravan was pleading with the rescue workers to look out for his wife Sarva Mangalam (30) and father-in-law HKM Baswaraj (64). “I helped a lot of passengers by pushing them out of the train, but failed to save the lives of my own family members,” he blames himself.

Some officials and the survivors went up to him and tried to shake hands to congratulate Sravan, but they too were moved by his plight.

Sravan, however, remained glued to the burnt remains of the compartment waiting for some good news, which never came. Some of his family members who could manage to save their lives are also not in a position to narrate how the mishap occurred.

The family was going from Banglore to Adoni in Kurnool district after receiving a marriage proposal for Sravan’s younger brother.

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