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Grading system: ‘Kalaripayattu’ to scale new heights

Published: 22nd December 2012 09:06 AM

Last Updated: 22nd December 2012 12:08 PM

Kalaripayattu, the mother of all martial art forms that is struggling to survive in the land of its origin, is all set to throw a challenge to other  martial art forms by incorporating new systems.

Kalari gurukals are trying to introduce grading system on par with the belt-grading system as in karate. The grading system will be given as per the experience of the kalari students.

A student who has completed a minimum of three years’ training will be given a grade and those who have completed five years a higher grade. The highest grade will be given to those who have trained for seven years.

For getting the grade, 10 to 12 items will have to be performed by  those who have three years’ experience,  ten to 15 items by those with five years’ experience and 18 items by those with seven-year experience.

Those who get the grade will be given certificates, Kerala Kalari Association secretary Poonthura Soman told Express.

“We will declare the introduction of the grading system immediately,’’ he said.

When asked if they were thinking of introducing belt-grading system like  in karate, he said that ‘kacha’ (red cloth band) was the tradition adopted in kalari.

“Once kacha is changed, the tradition will be lost. We do not want to change it,’’ Soman said.

Stating that the new system would boost kalari, he hoped that the grading system would give a recognition to the oldest martial art form in the state and also the world over.

“The persons who did not have any recognition till now after years of practice will see a new light. They will be able to show the world that they have also recognition,’’ he said.

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