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Russia dismayed over India's US tilt

Published: 22nd Sep 2013 08:53:34 AM

Over the last decade, the US has made considerable forays into the Indian defence market, bagging deals worth Rs 45,000 crore and waiting to sign more contracts worth nearly Rs 30,000 crore in the next couple of years. With bilateral narrative changing course after the 2005 civilian nuclear deal, and despite nuclear trade not witnessing an uptick, traction has been achieved by the two in the field of defence trade, armed forces interoperability and best military practices with intelligence sharing on an upswing.

However, the Russians, who still remain the largest defence supplier to the 13-lakh-strong Indian armed forces, have openly expressed their displeasure over the developments like India placing orders for the C-17 Globemaster-III strategic airlifter instead of adding the latest IL-76 to its existing fleet of 25 of these Russian planes.

Both Russian Ambassador to India Alexander Kadakin and Rosoboronexport chief Viktor Komardin have lashed out at the Indian political leadership and have called the Indian move to source arms from other countries “unfair” to the “only true strategic friend.”

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India's dependence on foreign equipments and armouries is a story by itself. India therefore cannot truly become an independent nation in a world where super-powers dominate. It will not be just the Russians who will take note of these,but also all of the BRICS. Brazil proudly produces it's own equipments and is ready to tweak it's nose at anyone who try to irritate her. India can easily join with the S.Africans to develop and produce whatever she needs as the S.Africans have the skills and abilities to do so. India has 1.2 billion people's prid, dignity and independence to defend and she should not friends who have stood by at difficult time down with short memory.

Remember the Indo-China war? Why did you hesitate, comrades.... Strategic friend? Only out of convenience. India should seek the best tech

Remember,India/Pak conflict of 1970/71. Who saved India. For one example of India China war one can provide 100 instances where Soviet Union/Russia saved India's behind.

If Russia is India's 'Only True Strategic Friend', then why not Putin provide India with Oil at $50 a Barrell? Right now Oil is at $100 a Barrell. So Russia, the 'Great Friend of India' as they call themselves, should give 50% Discount for every Barrell of Oil. Then we India will call you Russia as a 'True Friend'. Anything wrong with my suggestion?????

I cannot understand how any sane person can ask for buying material at half of the market price. perhaps if you go with a begging bowl you might get a few coins. Your suggestion is mindless

Mr Ashok Bhagat and AKS, this issue is not about USA.This is about Russia. My question was really to provoke people into thinking.It is Russia who is complaining here, after providing all kinds of junk stuff to India.What is wrong with my asking Russia about giving $50 Oil? Russia is giving things including Arms to Cuba, Venezuela. Iran and some countries at concession. Russia calls India 'Great Friend'. So why dont you help your friend with a lesser price? Will you? You see Russia first said they would give the Aircraft Carrier free to India. Then they said we will for $800 Million.Then it became $3.2 Billion. How came something to-give free become $3.2 Billion? My dear fellows, we lost 16 Brave Sailors in August in a junk Russian Submarine.Till today only 7 bodies have been recovered.Indian Navy cannot even Salvage the Submarine lying two miles off Mumbai.Today Russia is asking India money to salvage the junk Submarine it sold to India. So much so for 'friendship' with India?

Your stand is beggarly. misconceived and diminishes India's self esteem. Isn't it Mahatma Ghandhi who once said, " I cannot conceive of a greater loss than the loss of one's own self respect"? Russia like India have their own self interest to look out for .No one is ever going to give away free gifts in this world including the US. If you are looking out for one you will be disappointed. As far as the ill fated submarine is concerned, more questions should be asked of the Indian navy for its tragedy than the Russians who built it.

Would US provide at $50 a barrel?

I have no regard for UPA political leaders and UPA foreign policy. Also the public need self criticism or look onto themselves of what they are doing. Many Indians love the Chinese tactics and keep silent on Chinese atrocities. Now the public of India do not have Motherland love. How can a patriot Indian run his business trading Chinese items. How any patriot Indian can buy any Chinese products. So before commenting about Great Nations like Russia and America so please note Indian politicians, Army and public double standard while doing business with China after their War with India and refusal to exchange their view of Map, constant adding of more Indian territories to their claim area. If I am President or Prime minister I will stop or freeze all trade relations with China forthwith.

USA will NOT allow other nations to DEVELOP,but be a customer for its products...... India should be self-reliant but,M M Singh is a puppet of the IMF and hence his tilt to the West and the USA.He prefers the MNCs to Indians.Under M M Singh India has lost her SOVEREIGNTY.Foreign Policy .is an utter failure with China intruding even into UTTARKHAND,regularly.What's the use of the weapons from the USA or elsewhere?USA intimidated India after France was given the Rafale Deal for 126 Air Crafts M M Singh has also shown that being a PM is not about GROWTH alone,in which also he has come a cropper,following anti-India polices on the diktat of his Master the IMF. . The USA is simply a BULLY! Bush treated with contempt,when he visited the USA,at the fag end of the former's 2nd term Some of the photos, at that time, are proof of this. A Lion and an Ox cannot be friends.And the USA is not only a LION but a Fox too.Too bad for India.

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