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Shadowy Arab billionaire behind armed US ship

Published: 20th Oct 2013 06:46:32 AM

An American ship flying a Sierra Leone flag, carrying sophisticated arms and ammunition off the western Indian sea board. A mercenary shipping company and its Arab billionaire owner who lives in the vicinity of White House. A multi-billion dollar anti-piracy industry in the Indian Ocean that has become the new Iraq after the Americans pulled out of Baghdad, shutting off the massive greenback pipeline to private security agencies like Halliburton whose mercenaries helped US troops fight insurgents in the treacherous alleys of Falluja and Kandahar. The story of MV Seaman Guard Ohio, currently docked at Tuticorin under the watch of the Indian Navy and the Coast Guard is one that Wilbur Smith could easily have penned.

THE WEAPONS MYSTERY: The ship is owned by AdvanFort, the private maritime security company that remains tightlipped about the lack of proper documentation for the 35 sophisticated assault rifles and over 5,000 rounds of ammunition found aboard the vessel. Contrary to evidence, it claimed that the Indian Coast Guard had given the ship a clean chit when it berthed in Tuticorin on September 9. It docked first in Kochi on August 23  for refuelling. Two weeks later, it met with an accident off Tuticorin port. According to AdvanFort’s official press release, a clearance certificate was issued by the coast guard to the ship on September 9 while it was in Tuticorin. In a press statement on October 17, the company even released coast guard clearance certificate to the press. Sources said at the time of its arrival in September, the ship was clean and had no weapons on board. Therein lies the mystery. What was the ship doing in Indian waters? “What was the objective and purpose of the ship in Indian waters? There is not much piracy near our maritime borders. I think some of the biggest scandals are happening out there, and we have to find out what,” said former Vice Chief of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral (retd) K K Nayyar.

THE SHADOWY BILLIONAIRE: The incident raises questions over the unregulated business practices and methods adopted by shady operators involved in private maritime security. The owner of Seaman Guard Ohio, Samir Farajallah, an UAE businessman operates in the shadow of war. He is so reclusive that his name cannot be found even on the AdvanFort website. According to Public Education Center, a non-profit organisation based in Washington,  Farajallah, through New-Field Exhibitions, a post-war profiteering conglomerate, controls the private mercenary and Intelligence operation business from New-Field headquarters on Seventeenth Street in Washington DC, a pricey locality close to the White House. Sources said Farajallah has open access to Pentagon. They say he is acting as facilitator for US companies in war-torn countries of Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan through enterprise conferences. These are meetings with officials in war-torn countries, who are tasked with big budgets—mostly grants from the US—and powers to reconstruct infrastructure in their countries.

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More disturbing are the news that trickle out of the reports form NIE. Will the govt,. pursue the matter to its logical conclusion or let it off just because it may cause annoyance for the Americans.

Lot of cock and bull stories trying to make great sensation crop up, is harming the lives of the innocent crew members and their families. The media and public should know this is not the only armed anti piracy ship,the company has, it owns several ships saling all over the world. you cannot fight pirates without heavy arms ,with only the Bhagawad Gita,Gandhi philosophy or the Bible in your hand - try it ? The company said it was in international waters, Officials here claim it was a mile or so inside ,it by weather an act of nature drifted inside inadvertantly which is natural. The Company said arms were licensed. They worldwide on high seas buy essentials,diesel,food etc from suppliers. They cannot on high seas checking each purchase, this is relevant ,rational and factual. Authorities should not harass ,mentally torture these innocent employees, away from family and home. . Police should not make and cook up false cases wantonly to harass. Why is the Captains version suppressed ?

Good point rsised byJoseph Franklin! Why can't India set up a fleet of ships staffed by its ex military men to escort merchant vessels? Will help earn foriegn exchange and also aid ex servicemen!

the ship has been on a private mercenary and intelligent operations. shrouded in mystery. Frankel and Mohan seem to think that the ship has been on innocent operations. take it with a pinch of salt. maritime operators are perhaps doubling up as private pracy force. We have a right to know th full facts; until then the ship be edetaineed in aindia aned the sailors aned engineers cool their heels in our jail and wat for the approopriate court to be seized of the matter.

India has got every right to know why the ship was in Indian waters with ammunition. Do you think an Indian ship in American waters would be let off easily. A thorough probe should be ordered and the truth known.

The billionaire owner of the ship lives in the vicinity of the white house, and the ship's head quarters are in regular touch with Pentagon, yet both the White House and Pentagon are feigning ignorance or indifference to what the ship has been up to in international cruising routes. Obviously the assault weapons on board were on its way to its consignee in the region and would have been duly delivered but for the fortuitous accident at Tutucorin. Are the US authorities deliberately closing their eyes to clandestine weapon running to insurgent elements in the region? Having messed up Arab and Middle East, the focus must now be to destabilise the southern tip of India! One cannot put it past the US.

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