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Actor Sneha Attacks Prasanna's Stubble

Published: 14th December 2013 11:46 AM

Last Updated: 14th December 2013 11:46 AM

Unshaven is unbathed is the motto Gillette has been putting forward as part of their smelly stubble campaign.

In their new campaign, Gillette hopes to keep facial stubble to the minimum and with the presence of kollywood couple Prasanna and Sneha started the Chennai leg of this campaign. Sneha said that clean shaven men create a better first expressions with women and smell good and that an unshaven man creates the impression that he hasn’t had a bath,

To register their protest against men with a stubble - no shave equation - we won’t date if you won’t shave, we won’t share our space if you don’t shave, were the few ground rules that Sneha believed women expect from men.

Also unveiled as a weapon in this fight was the  Gillette Fusion power phantom, which at Rs 349 would be suitable to nip that budding stubble.

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