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CITU to fight for dalits and tribals

Published: 09th April 2013 11:05 AM

Last Updated: 09th April 2013 11:05 AM

The CITU has vowed to take up the issues of the dalits, tribals and the oppressed, A K Padmanabhan, the newly elected national president of the CITU has said.

“Dalits and tribals are the worst oppressed and are driven away from their land and habitats by multinational companies.

“In many states, tribal people are on the warpath for survival.

“The union will take up their cause and will form a wider platform of trade unions in their defence. Whole workers will fight  for the tribals and it will be a mass struggle,” Padmanabhan added.

Delegates from Tamil Nadu have reported that 84 types of untouchability are being practised in the state even now. And various organisations, under a common platform, are fighting against this.

The Centre for Indian Trade Union will take a leading role in the struggle against untouchability and social oppression, Padmanabhan said. The neo-liberal policies of the government will render job reservation redundant, the conference observed.

“What is the use of job reservations when employment generation itself is in peril,” wondered A K Padmanabhan, explaining the union’s stand on the issue.

As the government is backing off from its role as a major employer, reservation would serve none in the future.

So, reservation should be implemented in all sectors, wherever jobs are created, the conference demanded.

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