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After four hour battle, jumbos driven back into forests

Published: 16th August 2013 08:19 AM

Last Updated: 16th August 2013 08:19 AM

A herd of ten elephants that were camping in a tamarind grove in the forest near Thoppampalayam village and Sasthri Nagar TNEB power sub-station were driven back into the forest after hours of struggle by the officials of the forest department, here on Thursday.

According to sources, the herd had strayed into the village in search of food and water from Vilamundi forest area in Bhavanisagar range. As the LBP canal runs close to the village, the herd continued to stay there.

The villagers complained that the herd had caused damages to the bunds of the canal at several places and had also destroyed crops. 

Meanwhile, villagers tried to shoo away the herd back into the forest, but in vain. Later, they sought the help of the forest department to get rid of the pachyderms.

On Thursday, a 20-member team of forest officials, led by Bhavanisagar ranger Bernard, began operations to drive the animals back into the forest.

After a battle for over 4 hours, the officials managed to drive the herd into the forest near Bhavanisagar dam, via Bavanisagar-Mettupalayam road.

The villagers demanded that the officials dig trenches between Thoppampalayam and Sasthri Nagar area to check intrusion by the jumbos into villages bordering forest areas.

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