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End of Road for Geriatric Guards at ATM Kiosks

Published: 04th December 2013 07:17 AM

Last Updated: 04th December 2013 11:27 AM

The elderly security guards you invariably encounter at ATM kiosks would be replaced by able-bodied youth by the month-end, if banks accept the Chennai police fiat. This was among the guidelines issued by the police, in the wake of the recent brutal assault and robbery of a woman in an ATM centre in Bangalore.

As many as 105 officials representing 40 banks participated in a recent meeting convened by the police when they listed out the safety measures to be implemented by the banks. “We have asked the banks to remove stickers and sun films on the glass doors/shields of ATMs so that security guards could clearly see those who are inside. Often a secluded atmosphere gives the incentive for criminals to act as they can vanish without a trace,” said a senior police officer.

However, hiring young persons would be a challenge as currently a security guard gets paid as little as Rs 5,000 per month. The banks must be willing to shell out at least three times more to attract younger persons.

Outlining the other safety measures, the officials said that while most ATM centres have CCTV cameras inside, they have asked the banks to install additional CCTV cameras at the entrance of the kiosks.

However, the measures would increase the financial burden on the banks. “Our bank has nearly 1,000 ATM kiosks in the city. These measures would cost heavily and we have to get approval from our headquarters which I am afraid would take much longer,” said a bank official.

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