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Draft CTS report ready for extension of Metro rail, MMTS networks by 2041

Published: 13th November 2013 11:23 AM

Last Updated: 13th November 2013 11:39 AM

To develop transport strategies and have an urban transport planning in the Hyderabad Metropolitan Area (HMA), the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA), in association with LEA group, has prepared a Comprehensive Transportation Study (CTS), a first of its kind in the country.

The CTS master plan has proposed various components by prioritising the transport plan and proposed for implementation in  phases _ short-term plan up to 2021, medium-term plan up to 2031 and long-term up to 2041 withrequired investments of Rs 28,000 crore, Rs 84,000 crore and Rs 1.26 lakh crore respectively.

Implementation of CTS is expected to bring down private vehicles’ (two-wheelers and cars) share of transport from 43.3 to 30.6 percent, and that of autorickshaws and taxis from 13.9 to 11 percent in 30 years.

Public transport modes like metro rail, MMTS and city buses are expected to increase from 42 to 58 percent.

Metro rail will be extended for a distance 26 km between 2014 and 2021, for another 175 km between 2022 and 2031 and for a further 48 km between 2032 and 2041, taking the total length of the network to 321 km.

As for MMTS network, about 102 km track length will be added by 2021, 116 km by 2031 and 164 km by 2041, all totalling 428 km. Besides, a 393 km of BRTSLRT has also been proposed up to 2041. The idea is to achieve 60 percent travel by public transport.

The consultant, LEA group, submitted the final draft report, CTS for HMA-2041, to the state government a few days ago and was approved for notification at the ninth meeting of Unified Metropolitan Transport Authority (UMTA) held under the chairmanship of chief secretary PK Mohanty at the Secretariat on Monday.

The consultant commenced the studies in March 2011. HMDA officials told Express that given the growth dynamics and dimensions of transportation problems and, more importantly, to plan and develop transportation systems on a sustainable basis with an updated long term perspective, HMDA, in association with UMTA, GHMC, traffic police, HMRL and APSRTC, has taken up preparation of the CTS for HMA.

The scope of the study was to develop various land use and transport scenario for the horizon year 2041 and forecast the travel demand using various methods and evaluate the appropriateness of land use and transport alternatives, finally to achieve an optimum land use transport scenario for long term.

The main objective of the CTS master plan is to reduce risk in transportation, traffic accidents, reduce air pollution,  reduce travel time and travel costs.

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