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"Malayalam Films Helped Me Find Another Part of Myself"

Published: 10th December 2013 11:50 AM

Last Updated: 10th December 2013 01:45 PM

Malayalis never forget. No matter how long ago an actor/actress graced the screen,  they will always love them, if they had gifted some memorable moments to them.

They always remain their girl/boy next-door.

This is exactly what overwhelmed Gouthami the yesteryear actress who is here as a jury member for the 18 edition of the IFFK.

“I was overwhelmed by the love and affection that I received here even after so many years.’’

She was speaking at the ‘In-Conversation’ hosted by Meena T Pillai, associate professor at the Institute of English here.

“Malayalam films that I did almost served as a refuge to me.

“When I was doing too much of the regular run-of-the-mill works, it gave me a space to breath, it helped me find another part of myself.

“The general aesthetic of telling a story here is so different,’’ said the ace actress.

Asked what she prefers being a costume designer, a TV hostess or an actress, she says: “I prefer cinema on any given day. In front of the camera, behind the camera, even if it is to fetch stuff I wouldn’t mind. I just want to be associated with cinema. That is when I seem to come alive.’’

Gouthami said that she had a tunnel vision when she worked. She said she was so focused that while she was working she never noticed anything else except the things required for her work. She further added that cinema was one thing that helped her through her rough times in life-battling cancer.

“Post chemotherapy when I was completely sapped of my energy, I would just lie down on my favourite couch and watch films. Cinema was my refuge, reality and anchor.’’ 

She was also so full of gratitude for ace actor Kamal Haasan for being the reason behind her new-found role as a costume designer and also for being more than a pillar to her during her tough times.

“Kamal sir is as integral to me as any part of my body. He is my backbone.’’

So how would Gouthami the actress rate herself as an actor?

“I believe she grew well and honestly feel the best is yet to come. She is also a director’s actress,’’ quipped Gouthami.

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