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'La Paz' is a Man's Journey Through Mental illness

Published: 07th December 2013 09:05 AM

Last Updated: 07th December 2013 12:26 PM

The Argentanian film ‘La Paz’ tries to chronicle a young man’s journey from a mental hospital to a place where he is no longer taunted by the ghosts of his past. The plot begins with Liso being released from a psychiatric hospital into the hands of his parents. His parents take care not to upset Liso in any way and treat him like a small boy and provide him with everything.

The film is presented in 8 parts and the names of each of these parts are symbolic in nature.

Liso’s mother is over-protective and dots over her child and his father tries to boost his confidence by manly pep-up talks and provides him with money to go out and enjoy. He also advices him to get a girl and be like other ‘normal’ boys of his age. 

Their constant questions and efforts to know what Liso is thinking every minute of every day becomes too much for Liso. Though they live under the same roof, none of them share a strong bond.

Liso desperately tries to revive old friendships and relationships, but unfortunately people either despise him or sympathises with him. Though he hasn’t changed much, the people around seems to have definitely changed.

The only people whose company Liso enjoys is his grandmother’s and his house maid Sonia’s. Both of them do not bombard him with questions.

All the protagonist wants is to run away from all the familiar scornful or sympathising faces to start life afresh. Liso knows he can no longer lead a normal life in his hometown.

The director with his 73-minute film shows how because of the social stigma one can never really be cured of metal illness. Once a person is afflicted with a psychiatric problem the society will always be biased against him.

The film has a universal appeal because Liso’s story is not an isolated story of that land. His frustrations are shared and understood by many in the world.

In simple shots and narrative the director has done justice to theme of the story.

 Written and directed by Santiago Loza the film’s cast has Lisandro Rodríguez  in the lead as Liso, Fidelia Batallanos Michel, Ivonne Maricel Batallanos, Beatriz Bernabe, Ricardo Félix and Andrea Strenitz.

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