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An H2O shot for the face

Published: 29th September 2013 12:00 AM

Last Updated: 28th September 2013 01:00 PM

Leornado Da Vinci had rightly said, “Water is the driving force in nature.” It acts as fuel to every natural object. Doctors rightly stress on 10-12 glasses of water everyday to keep the body healthy and devoid of toxins.

Sangeeta Amladi, head medical services, Kaya Skin Clinic explains, “When the body gets dehydrated initially, it is equipped to naturally supply water to critical organs like heart, brains, etc. But compromising on peripheral organs like skin leads to accumulation of dead skin cells, blocked pores with impurities and toxins causing further damage to the skin. Acne, dehydrated flaky skin, premature aging, uneven skin texture are the direct results of lack of hydration.”

Despite understanding the goodness of natural minerals in water, it becomes difficult to keep the skin sufficiently hydrated owing to a gruelling lifestyle. To tackle this challenge, Kaya has introduced aqua-based face therapies.

Aqua Radiance is one such facial therapy that uses completely natural jet technology. The unique supersonic jet technology directs stream of saturated micro-droplets of air and water which oxygenate, exfoliate, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin. “The high pressure sprays with oxygen and saline not just superficially cleanse the pores, but thoroughly cleanse them from within. The jet spray technology helps exfoliate while infusing nutrient supplements, vitamins and minerals into the skin, nourishing it with all the goodness it requires which is lost due to pollution, stress, etc.

“The whole process is aimed at producing more collagen, which is paramount to have effective skin rejuvenation,” Sangeeta adds.

While water intake cannot be replaced, this therapy directly provides the nourishment of water and air by infusing them into the skin, along with vitamins and nutrients. As water is for everyone, this therapy also suits all skin types.

Acne-free with aqua therapy is another variant of the same service, where water-jet technology exfoliates the skin, remove dead cells and create channels for salicylic peel infusion going up to 4.5 mm deep into the skin. Salicylic acid is known for the healing benefits for acne-prone skin. In most facials or treatments, salicylic acid is usually applied on the outer layer of the skin which restricts its penetration only to a certain depth. While with this technology, the gel can easily penetrate deeper into the skin, working right at the root to tackle the acne problem. Similarly, uneven skin tone can also be treated with this technology, using glycolic fruit peel which is derived from sugarcane extracts. This peel penetrates easily into the skin, allowing new skin to surface easily.

The aqua facial therapies have found takers among dermatologists. “Water aids blood circulation and eliminates toxins and impurities from the skin. The jet peel technology gives visibly remarkable results leaving the skin well hydrated and glowing,” says Dr Narmada Matang, a dermatologist.

“Skincare technologies have evolved over the years and no technology can undermine the benefits of water for the overall skin’s health,” signs off Sangeeta.

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