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Auto Gizmos of the Week

Published: 01st December 2013 06:00 AM

Last Updated: 30th November 2013 03:45 PM

Porsche Design Smartphone

They are as sleek as the Porsche cars. Porsche Smartphone by Porsche Design is a notch above the regular smartphones. Encased in a slick aluminum, this device resembles the iPhone 4. Further, the speaker is concealed between the glass and the aluminum body for a beautiful aesthetic and sound enhancement. The smartphone also comes packed with other superior features, but its looks alone is definitely enough to make you want it. Price: Rs 1.2 lakh onwards.

Glass Audio Speakers

AccoustiVision technology being developed by Magna International turns fixed glass surfaces in a vehicle into loudspeakers. This car audio innovation also serves double-duty and cancels outside noise. With the old-fashioned speakers gone from your door, dash and trunk, think of the extra room now free for cup holders. At this moment the tests are going on and we are sure that soon you will get to see music flowing from the glass and not speakers.

Car Rearview Mirror Monitor

The Car Rearview Mirror Monitor reads SD cards and USB flash drives to play an extensive number of audio, video and media file formats. It can also broadcast sound through the vehicle’s speakers using unused radio frequencies. It can receive video information from two inputs, making it possible to see what’s happening in the side mirrors with one upward glance. The Rearview Mirror Monitor is powered by your automobile’s battery. Price starts at Rs 9,000.

Car Hood Camera Mount

This gadget is fast catching popularity as everyone on the road wants to capture his/her driving moments. The Suction Cup Camera Mount by Thanko lets you do just that by offering the ability to securely affix a recording device onto any part of a vehicle. Working with super strong suction cups and a secure design that won’t let the camera budge, the device is perfect for amateur or advanced directors who are looking to get a unique perspective while on the road. It can be mounted on the top, back, front or side of the vehicle depending on the recorder’s need. Price: Rs 15,000 onwards.

Speed Enhancing App

The BMW M Power app helps car owners keep track of all their car-related data to improve their speed. The app uses sensors featured throughout BMW cars to collect driving data such as brake, acceleration and speed patterns. Drivers can then check their average speeds, statistics and miles per hour on a virtual map of where they took their last drive. The M Power app was launched in the US in conjunction with the latest BMW 2014 M6 Gran Coupe release.

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