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Environment, encroachment and endangerment

  • Southern California firefighters face another day of battle as they try to corral a wildfire that destroyed 26 homes. |AP
  • A boy plays at the shore amidst traces of an oil spill that reached the shores of Rosario township, Cavite province south of Manila. |AP
  • A resident steps on the shore amidst an oil spill incident in Manila. |AP
  • The remains of a home and a car destroyed by a wildfire in Southern California. |AP
  • A San Clemente Island loggerhead, a rare bird that has gone from near extinction because of military training on San Clemente Island. |AP
  • The Channel Island tree mallow, (Malva rosa), endemic to the Channel Islands, is a plant botanist have saved from extinction on San Clemente Island. |AP
  • Once thriving across the Middle East, the Arabian leopard is now considered critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. |AP
  • Difficult weather systems in the last two years have contributed to problems for the monarchs butterflies. |AP
  • A shipment of illegal ivory, rhino horns and leopard skins worth $5.3 million was seized in Hong Kong's second big bust of endangered species products in a month. |AP
  • Twenty condors were apparently poisoned with insecticide that has already killed two of the giant birds, in the foothills of the Andes just outside of Santiago, Chile. |AP