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AP split will threaten India's security: Kiran

Published: 19th November 2013 07:39 AM

Last Updated: 19th November 2013 07:39 AM

Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy, who is being considered as the star batsman of Seemandhra side, on Monday, linked state bifurcation to internal security of the country and warned the Union government that division of Andhra Pradesh would pose a serious security threat.

“If AP is bifurcated, there is every possibility of Naxalism and extremism growing in both the proposed states as the police force will be reduced by 40 percent after division,” he told the GoM.

“Communal tensions might also increase. There are reports that terrorists are going to target Hyderabad after Jammu and Kashmir,” Kiran Reddy said.

Kiran Reddy presented his arguments in support of United AP for more than one-and-a-half-hour.

Soon after the meeting, he addressed the media. His close aides such as minister Pithani Satyanarayana sat beside the chief minister during the hour-long press conference.

Kiran Reddy reiterated his stand, explaining how issues related to Hyderabad, water sharing, employees, Article 371(D), education and medical facilities will come in the way of bifurcation.

The following are the excerpts:

Naxals Resurrect: Prime minister Manmohan Singh several times said the Naxal issue was posing a grave threat to the security of the country. Division of AP will pave the way for resurgence of Naxalism and extremism. Of the 17 members in the central committee of the Maoist party, 11 are from AP. Of these 11, nine are from Telangana. Even Dandakaranya Special Zone and Odisha Border Special Zone of the Maoist party is being dominated by AP members. That means 80 percent of the Maoist leadership is from AP. Bifurcation of AP will split the police force and thus weaken it, which helps the Naxals to resurrect. This may even pose a threat to the security of the country.

Communalism & Terrorism: Hyderabad has become a soft target for terrorists. The city is said to be the second target for them after Kashmir. Recently, it witnessed bomb blasts. Division of AP naturally weaken the strength of the police and lead to law and order problems. Though there have been agitations for and against bifurcation, Hyderabad has never witnessed any problem. If the state is bifurcated, it may affect peace in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad Status: All prominent educational institutions, industries and medical facilities are concentrated in and around Hyderabad. For instance, if the turnover of the IT sector is `55,000 in the state, Rs 54,800 is being generated in Hyderabad. That means almost all opportunities in the IT field are available only in the city. Hence, accessibility to employment, education and medical infrastructure in Hyderabad to the people of other regions is another major concern, which demands a solution.

Water Sharing: Sharing of river waters is another major concern. This problem is unique to AP, without any parallel or precedent. State division vertically divides dams and rivers into two. No state has ever faced such a piquant situation. It will be difficult even to the Central Water Commission to supervise distribution of water after bifurcation. This complicates sharing of river waters between new states.

Loss to Telangana: After bifurcation, being the upper riparian state, Telangana will lose its right on surplus waters, which will lead to stalling of lift-irrigation projects such as Nettempadu, Kalwakurthy and Bhima. AP is known as the rice bowl of India. Any change in the present distribution of river waters would affect rice production in the state, thereby hitting the food security of the country.

Power woes: Telangana will face 50 percent of shortage in power after division as the electricity needs of the region are being addressed by power from Seemandhra at present.

Article 371(D): As Article 371(D) paved the way for setting up of zonal system across the state to protect the rights of locals in government employment, division of AP will hit their prospects in promotions and other service matters. Hence, it may lead to various litigations in courts.

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