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VS: Shifting of judges in solar case mysterious

Published: 21st September 2013 09:39 AM

Last Updated: 21st September 2013 10:17 AM

Opposition Leader V S Achuthanandan has said that shifting of  High Court judges considering the Solar cases is mysterious.

Judges S S Satheesh Chandran and V K Mohanan were exempted from hearing the cases related to the Solar scam. But the officials concerned are stating that it is a routine process. But Achuthanandan said the shifting of the judges had led to raising doubts as the Solar scam had rocked the  government and political scenario in the state.

He said that there had been widespread allegations about the  government’s effort to sabotage the Solar scam case by destroying   evidence. The Single Bench of the High Court had criticised the government  in the case.  But on all those occasions the I&PRD Minister K C Joseph had criticised and ridiculed the judges.

VS said it was in a reply to his article on the government’s effort to sabotage the case that K C Joseph came against the judges for their  observations.   The Opposition Leader said that the shifting of the judges had underlined the fact that the government, with the support of the   Advocate-General, had tried to influence the judiciary to sabotage the Solar case.  In such a scenario judiciary should be more vigilant about the dubious moves of the government.

Pannian Backs VS

CPI state secretary Pannian Raveendran said that the shifting of the judges hearing the Solar scam case was mysterious.

In a statement issued here on Friday, he said the Solar  scam cases had been rocking the state for the past several months.

‘Change of Judges Will Create Doubts’

Kottayam: The changing of the judges hearing Solar Case will create doubts in the minds of public, government Chief Whip PC George has said.  He was speaking at the inaugural function of the conference of All Kerala Cable TV Association here on Friday.  “Presently there is a belief among the public that the present government only takes care of the minority community. But ideally, both the opposition and the ruling front should work for the welfare of all communities. Regardless of political affiliations, one should be able to say that ruling government of the land stands for all. Unfortunately, it is not the case presently in Kerala,” George said.

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