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Checkpoints to keep bus drivers alert

Published: 22nd November 2013 10:26 AM

Last Updated: 22nd November 2013 10:26 AM

Over the next 20 days, the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) will set up 30-35 checkpoints across the state to keep its drivers alert during long-haul drives.

The checkpoints will also monitor speeding and ensure that unreserved passengers are not picked up along the way.

Through this initiative- one among 15- the KSRTC hopes the risk of accidents will come down. This decision comes in the wake of two early-morning accidents in which private buses caught fire and claimed 53 lives. KSRTC has already identified places for the checkpoints.

Safety Boost: KSRTC Plans Checkpoints

“After a few hours of continuous driving, drivers start feeling drowsy. At the checkpoints, our staff will check the vehicle, make sure it was not speeding and see if additional passengers have been picked up. This gives the driver a three to five minute break and will refresh him,” said Manjunath Prasad, managing director, KSRTC. Each KSRTC division will have at least two such checkpoints.

Conductors will be empowered to ask passengers to list objects they are carrying in their luggage. “This is to make sure they aren’t carrying inflammable and explosive material and endangering the lives of other passengers,” Prasad said.

An eye test will become mandatory for all drivers above 40.

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